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Monday, December 24, 2007

Punjabi Boliyan - Punjabi Maa Boli Daa Shingaar -2

As promised earlier here is part 2 of the Punjabi Boliyan section. This is an attempt to save our Punjabi culture and it's precious gems. I could have come up with these boliyan in Gurmukhi Lipi but I thought for every reader to understand this has to be written in English.

I would again like to stress upon that a big reservoir kind of thing for Punjabi Boliyaan has to be created and for that everyone has to contribute the boliyan. For this post I am greatful to Avneet Kaur for her inputs. Mail me your boliyan at harpreetsran@gmail.com .

About these boliyan I have tried that these boliyan should be in same format as we might recite them in gidha. So kindly take some time to understand the format of some boliyan for these are in original style. For first timers here is the link to part - 1 of the Punjabi Boliyan.

1 Bole ni bambeeha bole
Shaave ni bambeeha bole
Sikhar dupehre andar tera patandar ni bambeeha bole
Bole ni bambeeha bole
Shaava ni bambeeha bole

2 Asan tan mahiya dar de saamne ucha chubara pauna
Asan tan mahiya dar de saamne ucha chubara pauna
Vakhre hoke marzi karni, apna hukam chalauna
Bayi rakhna tan teri marzi
Peke jaake madak naal auna
Bayi rakhna tan teri marzi ....

3Tere jahe nu ve main tich na jaandi
Tere jahe nu ve main tich na jaandi
Tera mera banda na mech mundeya
Tainu Mogey di mandi te aavan vech mundeya
Tainu moge di mandi te aavan vech mundeya

4Gidhe vich jad main nachan
Suraj v matha tekda
Gidhe vich jad main nachan
Suraj v matha tekda
Ludhiane jatti nache hoye hoye hoye balle balle balle balle balle
Ludhiane jatti nache Patiala khad khad dekhda
Ludhiane jatti nache Patiala khad khad dekhda

5Gidha paya mel rachaya
Gidha paya mel rachaya
Hogi jaan di tyaari
Raatan karwatiyan chadd mitra phulkari
Raatan karwatiyannnnn

6Vehda bhareya adiyo ni bhareya shagna de naal
Vehda bhareya adiyo ni bhareya shagna de naal
Nachna tappna gauna ni bhaunda khushiyan de naal
Vehda bhareya adiyo ni bhareya shagna de naal
Vehda ni vehda bhareya shagna da vehda ni vehda bhareya shagna da vehdaa niiiiiii

7Santo banto hoyian kathiyan laggiyan karan magroori
Santo banto hoyian kathiyan laggiyan karan magroori
Aah kuri aagi oh kuri aagi Aah kuri aagi oh kuri aagi
paake suit sandhoori Jida lack patlaaaa
Jida lakk patla nach nach horju doohri
Jida lakk patla nach nach hoju doohri

8Saadhan de dere munda tash patta khed da
Baaji gaya haar ... munda naag vaangu melda
Baaji gaya haar ... munda naag vaangu melda
Takiye paindi baaji ve tu baaji kyun ni vekhda
Takiye paindi baaji ve tu baaji kyun ni vekhda
Tuyion meri baaji ni main tere walee vakhda
Tuyion meri baaji ni main tere walee vekhda

9Sass meri de 5-7 munde
Sass meri de 5-7 munde
Lambi rail banavaage koi aavega koi jaavega
Fir gaddiyan motraannnnnnnn
Fir gaddiyan motran paa paa paa
Fir gaddiyan motran pee pee pee
Fir gaddiyan motran paa paa paa
Fir gaddiyan motran pee pee pee

10Beebo bhua suneya tu ajj kal angreji bolan lagg pi
Waahguru waahguru
Ajj kal thodi bhua kudiye filmi gaane gaundi
Rani mukherji varga ni main hair style banaundi
Ek din thode fuffad ton angreji kaida mangaya
Jeonda rahe thoda fuffad ni oh mintaan vich le aaya
Ajj kal thodi bhua kudiyo English padh di rehndi
Ajj kal thodi bhua kudiyo English padh di rehndi
Ni bhuaaaaa Ni bhuaaaaaa Ni bhua fuffad nu love u love u kehndi
Ni bhua fuffad nu love u love u kehndi
Ni bhua fuffad nu love u love u kehndi
Waahguru waahguru bhaiiiii
Ni bhua fuffad da ki haal hai
Baari baari barsi khatan geya c bhatue ch paise paake
Thoda fuffad khatan gya c bhatue ch paise paake
Ni bhua fir khat ke ki le aanda
Ni khat ke swaah le auna c
Ni ludhiane tation ton mud aaya jeb kataake
Ludhiane tation ton mud aaya jeb kataake
Ni ludhiane tation ton

11Ghada vajjda ghadoli vajjdi
Ghada vajjda ghadoli vajjdi
kite gaagar vajddi sun mundeya
kite gaagar vajjdi sun mundeya
ghungrooan vaali pakhi le aade
ghungrooan vaali pakhi le aade
vajjeya karugi tun tun ve
kite gaagar vajjdi gaagar vajjdi sun ve
kite gaagar vajjjdi
Fast- gaagar vajjdi sun ve
kite gaagar vajjdi Gaagar vajjdi sun ve kite gaagar vajjdi

12Uthan waala jeth tiyan waala jeth
mainu kehnda cinema vekh
mangda ni kurti da mech
de leya ni main godeyan heth
deta ni jutti da mech
de leya ni main godeyan heth
detaaaaa ni jutti da mech
Fast- deta ni jutti da mech
Deta ni jutti da mech
Deta ni jutti da mechhhhh

13tu hor ched jeth nu bhambooda mange heth nu
tu hor ched jeth nu bhambooda mange heth nu
bhamba bhambeeri da dekh tamasha keedi da
bhamba bhambeeri da dekh tamasha keedi da
bhamba bhambeeri da dekh tamasha keedi daaaa

14jad mundeya main aavan jaavan
jad mundeya main aavan jaavan
tu kadd da c gede
darshan de mundeya jeondi aasre tere
darshan de mundeya jeondi aasre tere
darshan de mundeyaaaaaa.

Will be back with another in this series soon.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Making of Part Two

Well Well finally I knew that around 1300+ clicks have been made to read whatsoever I have splashed on here. I came to know about it all via www.sitemeter.com. Well the clicks I have been getting are from US of A, UK, Spain, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand to name a few. Another interesting fact: There is one post which I had written which has been getting almost 73% of the traffic. Rest mostly what I post is of no meaning to anybody(Judging by face value). That post on Punjabi Boliyaan looks to be quite a hit with Punjabi's worldwide. And look what ... I am a true star, for I will be shortly coming up with part two of that post. Surely I guess I know how to build on success. For interested one's what I am currently trying is to get some Boliyaan on marriage and other Punjabi functions. So all the contributions are welcome if anyone concerned wants to make any boli kindly send me the boli at harpreetsran@gmail.com, for I will put your name on the World Famous page on Punjabi Boliyaan. You wanna hit me ... na.a.ah not. Anyway what about my other posts ...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hey there

Welcome ji! New look. I have decided to support a more female friendly environment on my blog from now on. The dull orange has been replaced by bright blue and white colors. I hope my female readers find it pleasing and visit me more often than what they already do. After all, hun munda javan ho geya ae and ghar valae vyaah karvaan nu kudi labdae paye nae.
Cutting the crap short, hope everyone likes the new look and I'm looking forward to a more sustainable relationship with my readers from now on.
Mere walon sareyan nu jee aaya nu.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Fight till you win or till you die!!

I don't know whether I should be sleeping now or should I be just doing what I am doing now! But somehow I have taken the later way out. They say I should tomorrow should see a inspirational movie or do what I enjoy most (maybe eating or playing cricket) for the next day on 18th is of CAT. But I will be doing nothing of the above mentioned. I will get online at around 9 am or 8 am and will wait that I have a good 2-3 hours of chat with a lady all the way from some Angel's City. She may be my sister/massi/bhuaa anything but really I will drive strength from her for my CAT examination in particular or life in general. God is cruel most of the times. Indeed. Can it be more cruel than that she has lost her mother, father, His husband is kind of cruel person, her nephew/niece say something bad about her, she is in alien land still she cares for humanity, she wants to fulfill her promise made to her mother, many things ... she is fighting and fighting bravely. Her war is much bigger than mines ... so can't I? I can. Irrespective of the result one thing I will make sure is that spirit to fight and survive till the end is there ... come what may fear and running away due to impending defeat is not in my blood !! I will fight!! Thats a promise and this fight is not about CAT only it is about succeeding in every sphere of life and I will make sure that this confidence and belief in myself spills into my life even after CAT !!
Now I know what I did just now is the best thing I could have done.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mera Pind Mere Khet !!

Me with my Chachu in our cotton fields.

Me with Chachu (He after days hardwork) at our tubewell.

Me at our tubewell. Chachu in the background.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Me in the Hot seat !!

Some days back I had this special and pleasant chance to be interviewed by CUCKOO. I want to share this experience with you all. Here in black are the questions by cuckoo and in green are my noble attempts.

Cuckoo: Good morning Mr Singh. Before we start, let me put a few things a little straight to you. As you know I would be taking your interview, you have to remain seated calmly without questioning my questions or no. of questions. There are going to be five main questions with sub-questions. Treat them as parts a, b, c etc. please be as detailed as possible. And please keep your face a little more cheerful. It looks like you have come here for mourning.

Preet: Hello Cuckoo sorry for delaying this wonderful experience for too long to say a civilized sorry. Anyway as I told you I was on road for too long much more than I had expected myself to be. Anyway I am back to blogging and as you can see your assignment is on the top of my priority list. I guess my smile is back now.

Cuckoo: Yeah, that's a little better now. Keep smiling like that. Here we go..

Cuckoo: Mr. Singh, you have been blogging since March 2006 and your blog is 77 posts old. Quite a long time that is. Can we know why this name for your blog? Is Chauke really a location or is it related to your interest in Cricket ? Does your family knows about your this nasty habit of blogging ? You seem to be very interested in posting your pictures. Is that a new way of matrimonial proposal ?

Preet: First of all you sound as sweet as your name ... Yes dear it has been really a long-long time … I could distinctly remember my first post … I was shivering in a similar way like I am doing today in front of you thinking how formal it should be what I should write. Will it go the distance? ... but then some smiling faces like Aalok, Jiwateshwar and you calmed my nerves … As far as my name goes Preet is short form for Harpreet and explanation for Zinda is quite controversial and I have explained it on my blog also let me get the link for you. Here it is... http://harpreetsran.blogspot.com/2007/04/preet-zinda.html

Chauke is the name of my ancestral village it has nothing to do with cricket. Family … chill baby speak slowly mummy sun lenge. Nobody in the family knows nor should they and as far as nasty thing is concerned I get to meet some sugar soaked girls like you then why is it nasty then? Nay pictures I posted are not for Matrimonial … I just wanted to share some of my pictures and this is a habit of photography which I am trying to pick up these days … but hmmm ... I can see a marriage proposal coming in some sort of hidden way!!

Cuckoo: Though I am NOT convinced, I'll accept that answer for the time being. You have mentioned you are a man of dreams. A dream collector?? Can you please give details what kind of dreams you are talking about and are they going to remain just dreams or are you trying to fulfill some of them. If yes, in what way? No, don't be afraid of that little tiger looking in your eyes. He is my pet and right now he is admiring your wonderful body.

Preet: I could see the dream in your tiger’s eyes of feasting on me. Anyway as far as my dreams are concerned first of all I dream to be a really good human being. Turning on more socialistic whatever my dream may be one thing I really want is to be of some use to the society. For fulfilling my dreams these days I am sort of doing freelancing for www.isport.in on Hockey. As I think sporting culture is indeed a basic block for the social well being of any country. So I took on this challenge of freelancing although I had no before hand experience except of course blog. It along with furthering a social cause for our National Pride Hockey is also serving in some ways to further my materialistic career. Recently I was involved in another case of looking uniting the family who got separated in 1947. Further some day I would like to get involved into a venture where education (from kindergarten to graduation) will be imparted to at least 10 children who can’t afford any sort of education. So I hope I have given some sort of insight into my dreams. I think I can be better utilized if I am left in the field than sitting in AC office of some software firm in Gurgaon/Noida. But all these dreams require some rebellious steps and some sort of independence for me from all the worldly infatuations and I am still quite far from achieving that state. But I promise you effort is on my side. Required is encouragement from friends like you.

Cuckoo: Thank you, Harpreet ji. You've written many soulful poetry and articles. What made you write all those and how do you perceive this? Don't you think that your work should see more light of this blogworld? Have you tried to promote your blog in any way?

Preet: Thanks Cuck, I guess I have a penchant for penning down my thoughts but what you have seen is not my work except two three writings. That all in Punjabi is either Punjabi folk (I collected all that from my mother or the older ladies in my village or they are just my manipulation of somebody others work.) But yeah I do think that whatever I write I should share it with all the people around me. Now that you have pointed it out, I will make sure that it comes out. No promoting my blog was never on my agenda neither I had that much time available regularly. But my friends read my blog that is good enough for me. For the time being I am content with that. If the time comes then I will think of promoting blog. More so I think promoting will help if I am regular with blogging. I kind of do it like KBC sometimes for 3-4 months I am posting daily or even 2-3 times a day and sometimes it takes months to make a single post. That is the Gemini effect on me as I gets fed up with doing one thing quite easily and moves onto another thing.

Cuckoo: Not bad. You are doing quite OK. And we have come to the fourth question. I saw in one of your posts, you have replied to a female but when a male reader commented on the same post, you don't seem interested enough to reply him. Why such a discrimination against your own gender or would you prefer female readers over male? Now, don't get into some other mode; that was a simple straight question.

Preet: Then that is good for you lady … as you getting attention from me is guaranteed. And about that reply from Kanupriya, if I am right, was just an odd one out incident he mailed the response to me instead of commenting here on the blog and that reply was special one also so I posted that here. Anyway the males who have commented on my blog have been generally my friends like Aalok Agrawal or Jiwateshwar Singh and I guess I more or less discussed with them on gtalk or yahoo. So not much replies too them but that question was quite a odd one out situation which you generalized. In the lighter vein for a young 20 something guy like me my preference to too some sweet chicks is quite normal.

Cuckoo: That was quite a nasty reply, warning you, you got to be better now with this one. Need I tell you my tiger is very hungry if you really want to know. You have written quite a few posts for your friends. What do you think of your friends and friendship? I could see you & your friend Aalok have posted on the same topic with the same picture!! Is it a coincidence or do you still share things sitting in different places which to me look quite dangerous for both your futures if it goes beyond a certain limit. Please elaborate.

Preet: At last … I was anticipating this question. As far as my friends are concerned I had a ballistic time with them in JIIT. From all the bottles gulped down, trips on bikes and buses to Jammu, Jaipur or Agra, and many trips which could not materialize or the chilly wintry nights along with my friends in the Hostel all the way down to stop start relationship with my roommates never to mention some bad times of last semester … Eveready friends to visit Makhanpur/Mamura that microprocessor labs with Abhishek Vimal … that 5 km walk with Ram to Niti-Khand for a cup of tea … discussions with Aalok … Balcony of my hostel room made memorable by the Jashan-e-Jam with my roomie … plenty of instances I could quote here with Himanshu Bhai … only-my-favourite Munish Sikka … these are the beautiful moments which my friends gave to me. I had a different kind of view for all my friends Aalok mostly came across as a soulful or elderly figure. Vimal as a leg-pulling guy who normally crossed the line between fun and furious, Jiwateshwar had a …??, Himanshu, Munish always had that calming presence around me … Even I would go to the extent that Himanshu actually earned to B.Tech degrees one is mines 2nd one his own. But in the end I would make it a point to mention that my best and worst moments came with Ram. I have given my best in all my relationships with these guys sometime I tripped fumbled but overall I guess I would have been an equally satisfying person for them as far as friendship is concerned. Most of my friendships have weathered the initial storms but a better answer will be 20-25 years down the line. The similar post with Aalok is just a coincidence. As far as Aalok is concerned in my view we have views which are poles apart on some issues but what is more important in our Dosti is the respect I have for him and the concern he has for me. Am I right Aalok?

Cuckoo: Thank you Mr. Singh, you may remain seated till I move my tiger away. I am pleased to say, as expected, you have passed with sailing (no, flying doesn't suit you sitting besides a lake) colours, now for goodness sake, stop shivering.. Interview is over!

Preet: Thank you beautiful lady for bestowing this honor of having me in this seat. It was a wonderful experience and you had a presence which was much more calming than I had expected.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Excuse me Please.

For long enough I have not been doing any blogging .. Although I am a addicted writer but trust me these days many of the things are keeping me occupied. Like currently I have started writing on Hockey (occasionally cricket) for www.isport.in. Do visit that site and kindly give your opinions. Although I will be try to post in between like the Interview by Cuckoo for sure (Sorry Cuckoo it's getting late, I hope you understand), I would not be able to do it regularly till November. Till then it's bye bye !! Till then I am leaving you with my work of photography !!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Jeeva Janamdin Mubarak!!

Hello friend Jeeva I wish you a very very happy birthday and a prosperous life full of your wishes coming true, unwarranted success, load's of happiness & full of our friendship tales so that I can narrate to your children.

Have a rocking time Jeeva !!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Collection !!

Shayar Kehnda Hai: Punjabi Shayari:






Something From my
"Kalam" on the way ... keep looking !!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Hit Squad rocking at Kanyakumari !! We enjoyed a lot !!

Me in -T-- Com & Mithoo in Adidas !!

Papa Laughs !!

Papa & Mommie dear enjoying !!
Dad -- Laughing out Loud with Sandhu Uncle and Mom in the background in Black suit !!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Eighth Wonder !!

Guru Hargobind Thermal Plant, Lehra Mohabat, Bhatinda. We children at Lehra Mohabat Thermal Colony call it A Eighth Wonder that would never ever be listed. A big lake in front of Thermal plant provides it a scenic beauty.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Write to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

As we all know that Dr. Kalam has gone back to teaching and spreading the message of Developed India a website related to Kalam Sir has been launched where the email address of Dr. Kalam is mentioned through which you can seek his guidance and blessings and ask him the questions.

Visit Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

I think this will be really healthy for our development which is invariably linked to the nation's development to seek the services & guidance of this distinguished Personality.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Solution to delayed Justice !!

Reformer in me was awake for 2-3 hours in the morning & while I thinking about the delayed justice in the Bombay blasts case I thought the human side of the convicts should also be taken care off. Now if Sanjay Dutt would have been convicted in 1 or 2 years after the blast took place even then he would have got 6 years in prison. Now what for the harassment he has suffered for the 14 years these are also a kind of imprisonment. When you are made to visit court every day in & day out you are suffering, Should not that 14 years should also be taken into account. Except Capital punishment I think if it takes decades for the decision to come from a single court then the punishment should be in somewhat reduced form. Why is the humanity quotient is missing in he decision of the courts when they take in the barbaric-ness of the convicts act into account while listening & deciding the case?

Everybody says Babbu yaar tum Zindagi mein kab kuch Karoge !!
Papa says plant(Thermal Plant Lehra Mohabat) cann't work without him !!
Mom, says nobody can even drink a glass of water without her !!
Dr. APJ Kalam says that he never got the file relating to Afzal Guru's case relating to attack on Parliament !!
Sharad Pawar says what is the need for coach !!
Advani says Manmohan Singh cann't even select colour of Pagri without asking Ma'am Sonia G!!

But I have written some songs when will some singer lend them the Voice ?

What Happened !!

As not expected Sanju got jailed for 6 years. As expected Tears came, heart sobbing, khana acha nahi laga, could not sleep ... Aisa kuch bhee nahi hua !! Life kept on moving at it's snail pace, for Team India won on the same day so winning or loosing is all a part of life. I told Bapuji(Dadaji) that Sanjay Dutt was jailed for 6 years. He didn't knew who the Sanjay Dutt is. I told he was convict in Bombay Blast case. Bapuji said cost of lies of hundreds of people is only 6 years of prison!! I said he kept only AK-** & pistol with him & didnot knew about the blast & narrated him the whole story!! He said "Putt tussi hajey bache hon .. khadkoo ohdey gharey aaye te ohnu pata nahin k ohh kee karan wale ne" (Son, you are still a child, terrorists came to his home and he did not knew what they were planning). Discussion ended with this. Then I thought bapuji may be right.

Then Papa came same discussion started arguments flowed He said "yaar bandey nu reeha keeta jaa sakda c!! Par maybe ehnu jail honi zaroori c, kyonke ehh role model hai te tuhadi generation nu ehh message milna chahida hai k bura kaam karke banda bach nahin sakda " (Yaar, Man could have been left!! But maybe this sentence was also important to pass the right message to you generation .. Who could be a better person than the person whom the whole Gen-X considers to be there role model !!)

But any how life doesn't end with this. But I guess Sanjay posses a great gene pool. He will sail through this tide successfully !! But fir bhee ek pal k liye dukh toh hua hai ... banda apna saa feel hota hai !! I guess Papa has got the right mix of me and Bapuji.

On the lighter side papa bole k yaar banda kaa pet nikal k aa raha tha Munna bhai lagey raho mein mota lag raha tha ... Banda 4 din aandar rahega toh style wapis aa jayega ..... Bande mein baat toh hai !!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Shame Shame Dera Sacha Sauda !!

In shocking revelations about the Dera Sacha Sauda the Ex driver of the CEO of Dera Sacha Sauda Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim has come out with truth which world will take some time to believe. Now the truth is pouring out which the people of Bhatinda region already knew ... It is a shame that the people in India give patronage to these kind of rapist & murderer Baba's. It is again a big shame that major chunk of that people come from the people who at a time beleived in Sikhism. Although the major sufferer of this dera has been Sikhism (although biggest sufferer is Humanity), but here goes another story of Baba.

There are some 125+ rooms in the dera where the sadhavi's stay who fulfill the desires of Baba. Once a person asked Baba why so many girls not one then baba replied "Agar krishan g kee 360 gopiyaan ho sakti hain toh meri 125 kyon nahin"

Now Somebody should tell that Krishan g had a spiritual relation with all his gopis while you are having physical one. These people don't leave any stone unturned to equate themselves with divine personalities.
This is the link here where the Videos of the Ex-driver of Baba for India TV is uploaded. The main now to ponder upon is where our religion & society are moving. Parents know that baba is doing these things with there daughters in the dera what they are silent. We who proud ourselves in being Sikhs that we don't hesitate in responding to slightest disgrace being hurled at us our religion or even on our Gurus. But what about this disgrace. Guruji wanted to create a caste free society. Now Sikhs after 500 years of there existence are gain divided into castes. These deras take advantage of this divide and engage the SC/ST (which incidentally in this region are Sikhs) and form a base which leads to this kind of pollution in the society.

Even I would propose that Akal Takht should come forward and give out a Hukamnama that none of the Sikhs could claim himself to be a SC/ST as this would bring some parity in the society & would separate the real followers who wants to take advantage of both the boats.

Truth of Dera Sacha Sauda

Will Catch you again with the detailed reports and after effects of this happenings.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Magic Man !!

Friends it can get as good as it can .... although this link exists on my blog page but I would like to recommend it strongly. This man is coming up with some spectacular pieces!! His post on Grandma is a Gem.

Jiwateshwar Singh

Thank You for narrating all the beautiful incidents.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Photograph's taken while boating in Bhatinda's Army Cantonment area.


There is something about this breed :

Monty speaks about how he celebrates. This man is mad & in love. Everyone should be.

"Then you start celebrating, running towards point then third man and fine leg! When you play against such great players, that is the impact they have on you. Your energy comes out and you are flying. It is one of my most treasured moments. That ball is precious and kept safely in my bedroom." Source Uk Daily Daily Mail.

Enjoyment is all that matters so mates enjoy wherever you are.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Conscience Call -- A Joke

Based on Facts*:
The word was Conscience vote. BJP & RSS stalwart L.K. Advani made a call to all the voter's for Presidential election to vote according to their conscience 's call. He was making a point thinking that conscience would say that Bhairon Singh Shekhawat is a candidate to vote for. But the facts state something else. Of all the votes polled BS Shekhawat got lesser votes than what he should have got if all NDA+ people who voted had voted for BS Shekhawat (leave alone conscience voters) & facts also state that Pratibha Patil got some votes even from the NDA+ allies other than the polled UPA+Left votes (Although she got three votes less in Punjab). I guess more than UPA voters, voters from NDA heard the call of Mr. L.K Advani.

Good Luck to Mrs. Pratibha Patil. It would be a hard act to follow in the foot steps of Dr. Kalam known as people's president. As Mrs. Patil would be required to take difficult decisions like clemency plea of Mohd. Afzal, on which the decision was strategically avoided by Dr. Kalam during his tenure.

*Verify Yourself.

Friday, July 20, 2007

'What I Believe'

Welcome Back. It has really been some time since I got into something serious. I hope ( no no just pray) that I start moving on a serious path. Many serious matters came my way I laughed at them, but somehow now all that is staring horribly at me. But this is how it is !! As for blogging for so much time I just wanted to write something, many thoughts maybe arguments came into my mind & the suddenly everything vaporises. All that is personal, for the time I would not like to share it with even my closest pal. Something spicy that I have gained over last 15-20 days is here.

PP (Punjab Police) known for it's torturous ways at the order of Badal Jr. (Sukhbir) is treating chief Secretary to Former CM Capt. Maharaja Amarinder Singh, Bharat Inder Singh Chahal in the worst of ways. Maybe in the history of Punjab Politics this has never happened before that such a high profile person is treated in such a way. In this summer which is turning out to be hottest and humid in quite some years what the PP personnel do is that they put the Heater on in the barrack of BIS Chahal & people who have seen it tell that in the afternoon it is like pressure cooker -- steam at around unbearable temperature. Even the Congress has distanced it from Mr. Chahal, terming him to be a bureaucrat not a congress worker. But Maharaja yesterday went to meet him and announced it that whatever is the stand of Congress he is with BIS Chahal (Friendship). Insiders Say that when Maharaja met him he wept inconsolably and told him that "22g bahut buri taran kutdey ne" But more than 90 % of Punjabi Public is against BIS Chahal for the way he ruled for 5 years. Maharaja has warned Badal in press conference that he will pay back after 5 years. But who has seen future the curent scenario is that --Maharaja wait for your turn to be put behind the bars--

Another PP is in news these days better known as Pratibha Patil. I fully agree tha Mrs. Patil is tainted or even tainted badly. I have taken all the arguments of BJP & Co Ltd. But even Mr. Shekhawat is tainted, he is accused (sorry not accused but guilty charges proven) of accepting bribe in 1947 after our independence as a Government employee. Even he is accused of saving his brother in a murder case. RSS man. Done. No. Quoting from newspaper According to BJP stalwart L.K. Advani (19th July. 2007 Hindustan times 12 th Page on presidential election) Congress has initially proposed to BJP the name of Mr. Shekhawat as President & Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde as a Vice President as consensus candidates. But BJP rejected it as it wanted one of candidates to be it's as in this case both candidates would have belonged to Congress. BJP initially misread the situation as it thought it would be able to bargain for one post, but later many of the parties ditched NDA and went on to form UNPA which worked perfectly for Congress. As if all the opposition would have been united then the situation would have been different. But we know HE is watching. Opposition has again pointed out the problem without putting any viable replacement.

I didn't want to save Mrs. Patil. But the point is that there was not a single candidate with no bad past record who did the rounds. Hopefully we will get one next time around. One thing which has made me happy is that for the first time the voting for President has happened in a true democratic way. This is good precedent, as all the public participated and gave there opinions which is a healthy symbol. Sad aspect is that all the technology has warmed up to kill the sitting duck, but why don't we do this kind of scrutiny and protests when we select the MP's or MLA's and then when cabinets are selected. I will tell you. Because in that case we have a brother who we need to save or there is some illegal work we need to be done, so we select the person who will fit our needs irrespective of his background. When we as a society doing this then how can we expect our leaders to behave in a different way. After all they are also a part of society. So there is some introspection to be done. We could do better if we could do all the scrutiny in selecting our lawmakers who actually run the country and make/break our lives than a person who is only supposed to put THE RUBBER STAMP on what the people selected by us decide.

But the problem is that our country is full with people like us who could only see what is shown to us. Indians like to keep there brains brand new. Now the next big election is of Vice-President. As a experience I would like see some agriculturist to be our VP. We as a country are underplaying the importance of a farmer in this country. A simple fact will illustrate it. Out of 49000+ branches of all the Sahkari* banks opened in our country only 3000+ are in rural areas but the 70 % of the savings come from rural areas. India as a country is turning out to be a capitalist country, while the need of the hour is to maintain a balance between socialism and capitalism. Truth is that Country with large populations can't be successful capitalist countries, if I could be proved wrong I will be very happy ... otherwise position is hopeless with current setup in view.

We know that world bank has not done much to really help other than making us KARZAYEE. But then why are some people so hell bent upon projecting Mr. Arun Shourie as a person who could bail out India. But look what the fact is. Around 2001-2002 in January, before the Budget was to be presented BJP was disturbed for the increasing fiscal deficit. Then Our Mr. Shourie came out with a way and proposed to sell out 3 PSU's and proposed that the money could be used to reduce the fiscal deficit, but for some politics he was not able to sell the majority stakes but he sold the Minority stakes in the three PSU's worth 45000 cr. Rupees- just for 15000 cr. Rupees- in the hurry to do it before March. Look this is our esteemed Financial expert. He is a world bank's man hell bent on selling India to business houses. Even Govt is trying to privatize Punjab State Electricity Board which is a loss making PSU, Now what a common sense says -- when you will provide free electricity to farmers or poor how you expect the body to make profit, When Sukhbir Badal issues orders to Chairman, PSEB not to register & stop power theft how would you expect the body to make profit. Now accepted that privatization will reduce the power theft or free electricity. But then why would Business House having control of PSEB will provide electricity to common people when LN Mittal ready to pay more than 3 times the cost of electricity for providing uninterrupted supply to the OIL Refinary in which he holds 49 % stake. Same holds for small players. Government is hell bent upon applying same model in Punjab which has failed in Orissa, Delhi, Haryana, Andhra Pardesh & another states. The better thing to do will be to invite the private players to provide the electricity in competition with PSEB. Then the stronger will survive and Weaker will vansh based on the model adopted by China.

I think I am done for now. It was really hard to put all the thoughts together in a way so that reader can understand but I have tried my best. Comments?

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I wept!!

I am on a break from this blogging to concentrate on my career for the time being, but suddenly I heard a old song sung on the occasion when the Doli leaves. So in this song the girl says somethings to the Kahaar's her brothers and relations. Yaaro meri aankhon mein aansu aa gaye I literally wept, by just thinking of the moment.
This folk song has been rendered the immortal voice by immortal Gurdas Maan.

Anyway I will try to write the lyrics here:

ajey kaharo doli naa chayo
waqt ne aauna anahin
o bandeyo parat ke aauna nahin
peki gallyian vichad chaliya,
parat ke aauna nahin,
ve sadke parat ke aauna nahin,

amdi de jaya ve sir mera dhak le -2
veera v sohneya jaandi nu ek vaari dak le-2
asli malik dukan aaye kisey chudauna nahin,
main sadke parat ke aauna nahin
ajey kaharo v doli naa chayo
waqt ne aauna nahin
o bandeyo parat ke aauna nahin....

maye nee maye bhul main keeti -2
aagle safar dee tyaari naa keeti -2
hun bandh karle baareeyan boohey kise satauna nahin
main sadke parat ke aauna nahin
ajey kaharo v doli naa chayo
waqt ne aauna nahin
o bandeyo parat ke aauna nahin....

aadhi v raati jhakhad jhulna -2
isra-eel ne ghar nayee bhulna-2
Bohdak ronak mele chadney kisey bulauna nahin
main sadke parat ke aauna nahin
ajey kaharo v doli naa chayo
waqt ne aauna nahin
o bandeyo parat ke aauna nahin....

naa kar teri meri oye bandeya -2
duniya mitti dee dheri o bandeya
belliyan yaaran saath naa dena kisey ne kaam aauna nahin
main sadke parat ke aauna nahin
ajey kaharo v doli naa chayo
waqt ne aauna nahin
o bandeyo parat ke aauna nahin....

Mail me to get the original song sung by Gurdas.

Friday, May 11, 2007

With Love, From You To Me.

Hello Friends, I had stamping of 15 june, 1984. A very happy day in the life of my near & dear one's. Same day is again approaching just li'l over 1 month left. Never had I celebrated it in grand small or big scale. Every time it passes peacefully maybe due to the fact that in villages there is as such no emphasis on birthday's, maybe it falls in summer break(Very hot time in north India), maybe ... list is long. Let's not get into this. So never have been I bombarded by the gifts or sweets or sweet kisses on my sweet cheeks. Anyway time is gone for those kisses. Now only kisses would be given by my sweet mommie or poppy dear or maybe 1 or 2 diabetic relatives. Anyway as of now, for the first time I am going to project or campaign for securing gifts on my birthday and would be looking if somebody is going to give me some gift. As it is not the time to be hoping for getting cadbury's pack or stylish geometry box or things like that ... So greedily I am putting my list here, If you want to give me a gift I am longing for please select one of these

  1. The 9/11 Commission Report
  2. Steve Waugh's autobiography
  3. Khushwant Singh's Sex, Scotch and Scholarship
  4. Khushwant Singh's Train to Pakistan
  5. Khushwant Singh's My Bleeding Punjab
  6. Hillary Clinton's autobiography
  7. Salman Rushdie's Shalimar The Clown
  8. Salman Rushdie's Step Across The Line
  9. Pinjar by Amrita Pritam
  10. Novel's In Punjabi By Great Poet's of Punjabi (Nanak Singh, Gurdial Singh, Anyone of your choice will do)
  11. Some Eternal Love story
This list is as off now, keep looking for something good and I will also be updating my list. Bookmark this post And off course, No gift can be bigger than a sweet kiss on my sweet Cheeks by a Sweet Chik.

Abhishek's Application is selected!!

Congratulation's Abhishek, for his application has been selected in the lottery of USCIS. This has come as a big relief to me for I was feeling under pressure by making him join H1B rat race as his other options were cut due to this thing. He dropped his MBA or any other plan's due to this and this thing scared me what if his application is not through? Now he is almost through, that is big enough relief, I will be fully relieved when mine's application will also be cleared. Congrats Mate and enjoy to the hilt. My prayers have been half answered and half are still pending. Hey Lord!! Get me Onboard also!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

For Once & All

I want to put forth my opinion on cricket for once and all. As I keep getting into same controversy or discussion time and again. I think I have talked logic all the time.
Greg Chappell - What wrong has this Gentleman done? He was just trying too make India free of it's cancer namely Saurav Ganguly. How is Frustrated Sunil Gavaskar pointing his finger towards him when he was there in the committee at the first place which appointed Greg Chappell. Did not we know in advance that Greg Chappell will work as a Headmaster for he was Australian Great. What is wrong in making Indian Players physically fit by putting them through rigorous drills? What is wrong in making a team play as a team by riding it off it's star power, otherwise this Indian team just resembled Real Madrid full off star power without common aim!! What is the point behind saying that Foreign Coach cann't be successful with Indian team. Team without coach won world cup in 1983, it reached final in 2003 with a foreign coach. Was there a a Indian coach behind two biggest & successful Campaigns in Indian cricket? Well done Greg Chappell, You have shaken up this Board of Cricket Controversy in India.
Saurav Ganguly - What a selfish player? It is tragedy people are still backing him to be captain or even to be in the team? Even the selector's know that he played for himself in the World Cup, even then he is in the Indian Team. Selector's are on record that Saurav and Sachin wanted India too perform badly under Rahul Dravid and they wanted captaincy!! These Greats have ditched the whole Blue Billion !! This cancerian with true cancerian traits has been true too his colour's !! Culprit holding his head high for scoring runs in world cup of sixes at his test match strike rate.
Sachin Tendulkar - This master balster from mumbai wanted to hold his country too ransom by weeping in the public for some comments by Greg Chappell which Chappell never made. Your game is going to be over Sachin. I know you are still capable off delivering the killer punch but not with this dirty mind playing tricks for bringing down Rahul Dravid. Wake up I think you have found a bad company in Saurav Ganguly. Separate yourself from the chaff. I admired you but not anymore ! You are a cuprit also.
Rahul Dravid - I have been a big fan of this Gentleman and I am his fan till date irrespective of the results. People used to say that he should be aggressive and I used to defend his style as all successful captains were not aggressive. But I think he should have been aggressive for he should have fought tooth and nail for keeping Saurav out off this pack, for Saurav worked as a spoiled apple. Do what Jayawardene did too Atapattu. Otherwise I guess everything is fine.

Then the mere mortals like dhoni, yuvraj etc etc are just fine they don't have much of a role to play in the dis balancing of this team. This is the last time I am discussing cricket like from now onwards it is just another game.

The biggest culprit in this game is the Indian fan. We have killed this game by putting too much price prestige & importance on this game. Lets start enjoying and loving this game not only players. Winning and loosing is a part off game, which should be accepted in right spirit and with gracious enough attitude. We cann't expect Bangladesh to remain minnows in this game for too long, they have come off age accept it and there is no shame in loosing to eventual finalists. But we should not have caved in the way we did, it should not be a abject surrender.
Mantra should be "Watch it and forget it"

Happy to see Indian hockey team qualifying for the Semi-final of some big tournament hopefully will also qualify for final's as the semi's is against not so impressive Malaysia.

As such still there is no update on my H1B application. Will keep it updated.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hello Friends, Jeeva I wish that if your words could be true, "physcially. just hope if we cud all end up in the same city. sabkee shaadi hogee, beevian hongee, then weekends par family get together hongae. our wives will sit in the kitchen cookin and we wud be in the garden under the moon havin beers. uff. kaash yeh ho sakta. pity aint it”
Magical Words, about beevian I cann't say but I could sacrifice everythinng for sharing that moment in the garden with you guyz. It is pity that we can only yearn for these moments. Rest after feeling nostalgic about the "JIIT feeling" I have found out some good lines too remember those Good old times, Will be greatful too you Jeeva if you could put these words in English or hindi !!

"Hostel de vich kathey hokey jashan manaun deeyan,
Bathroom dee tootee thalley gaaney gaun deeyan,
Sabun laggi paani khatam te raula paun deeyan,
Mailey collar powder paakey Mail chupaun deeyan,
Jadd vee maavan haath dee pakki mooh vich paun geeyan,
Mess deeyan ohh rukheeyan sukeeyan chetey aaungeeyan,
ohh gallan chettey aaun geeyan."

"bada lutaaf tha bada mazaa tha college kee canteen mein,
chappan bhog kee khusboo the thodi c woh namkeen mein,
aur kaise hero lagtey the hum fatee purani jean mein,
Ishq mein tere tyagin thee main naa 13 mein naa 3 mein,
devdas se ban jaatey the ladki ke har scene mein."

Rest still no update on H1B visa application, Now the probability off receiving the communication about the status is on all time high!! Will keep it posted here.
Till Then keep me in your thought's.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Me-Papa & Me-Friends

Woke up in the morning and by chance my hand landed on my cellphone!! there was a message from papa!! Other than usual hello hi it had a usual daily newspaper thought for me "Beyond mountains there are mountains again." I pressed button for back and saw that he has sent another message which was followed by another thought "Hard worker 'CAN' realiZe his potential, but a Genius 'SHOULD' realiZe it". I guess I slept again. What a shame!! but the day I will succeed Papa it will be "for & due" too you not for some Lance Armstrong or XYZ business man.

In continuation (I guess tribute is better) too Jeeva's Diamond:
Kya din the bhai college ke. Sahi boloon toh tab bhee Papa ke ek thought aaya tha somewhat like this "One should 'L'ive the Moment, As the Success in life is all about 'L'iving one moment after another."

We had a bottle of Signature went all the way too Agra too find a place to drink and enjoy it. In minor examinations I waited for all the night ke kab exam time aayega aur hum log usse pehle will dance on "Paraan hoja sohniye, saddi rail gaddi aayee". Dubey, you & Sikka stand testimony too this!! Abhishek ke woh dialogue yaad aatey haan ke uske papa ne usse kaha hai in DDLJ style "ke jaa apni jawani ke saath meri jawani bhee jee ke aa beta". Kya pakata tha baap. Woh last sem yaad hai kya jab (RDB) release huee thee, kya mazaa tha janab, "bhain dee takee sab beer daa kasoor hai", yeh toh tum nahin bhool saktey!! mast peetey the aur dialogue the "tu toh mera yaar hai, ghar taak chodunga." Jeeva tum pata nahin pehley din se friend par baney aake last semester mein!! Alok woh six yaad hai jo leg side pe maara tha collge ground mein match mein! uske baad kitni mazaa aayi thee!! hope tumhein woh chotti c khushi yaad hogi.
Lets recollect those golden moments and share between us.
I have got something from everyone too remember!!

Himanshu bhai & lovely Sikka have gifted me my Bachelor's degree. Abhishek Vimalz red diary!!
Alok you gave me precious wintry nights laced with your thought's. Dubey you are left without any 'pleasant' gift!! Joking brother you taught me too fight and face the problems by living with them!! I learnt that I can befriend all the obstacles.
And Yaaro Punjabi haan taan
"Jeeva, the scotch bottle you gave with a Peg in it is still with me!!" and hoping that I gave everybody a place too invest there emotions and "A Smile".

I am feeling the rush off adrenaline....

Monday, April 30, 2007

Village called "Chauke"

My village is named Chauke situated some 15 kilometres from Maur Mandi and same distance from Rampura Phul. It falls in district Bhatinda of state Punjab (India). It has population of around 13000 with voting population of 7000. Making it one of "Big Four" villages of the constituency "JOGA". It has got Government Higher Secondary School as well as Primary School along with many private schools which are coming up. Alongwith Dispensary and Anaaj Mandi (Grain Market) village has a Big Stadium. It has 3 bustops to cover each corner of the village and a Petrol Pump has also come up in the village. A newly 66 KV Power station has also started working from the January 2007 which has given this a village an additional advantage. Village boasts of 2 Gurudwara Sahibs, A Masjid and Temple along with revered Shiv-dwala. Then there are two deras namely Dera Baba Dunna G and Dera Baba Bulla G. There is a Youth club in the village along with Patwar-Khana(Place for Patwari).
Alongwith this the village panchayat consists of 11 Panches under the Sarpanch. Some of the Big names of the village Include:
1. Jathedar Hardial Singh (Chairman Sugar Mill Bhatinda)
2. Late Jathedar Harnek Singh
3. Sardar Mithoo Singh (Ex- Sarpanch)
4. Er. Baldev Singh Sran (XEN PSEB)
5. Rustam-E-Hind Pehlwan Jagdish Singh Bhola

This village has long history of infighting. There are two groups one is Akali and another is rebel Akalis, every election is accompanied by some brutal clashes. This village has another jewel in it's crown that off being a village known for illegal production of desi wine and AFEEM.

Another Secret: Your's truly is the first IT Enggineering graduate of the The village!!

Kindly give your thought's about what can I add into this post to make it more comprehensive!! Thanks.

I am "really" happy after a long time so lets start with this sheyar
"Sohne sohne nain naksh usde,
vekhan vaale bada hee pasand karde,
saade naal kare oh pyar hass ke,
eho jeha koi rabba parband kar de,
saanu vi sohna bana de Rabba,
nahi taan sohne banaune band kar de"
So Why I am happy? What happened? Answer is nothing happened!!
I was sitting with Abhishek vimal yesterday in the park and I counted my real friends and the list made me really happy. I have loadz of them. YOU ARE ONE OF THEM & A GEM !! Thanks for bringing a smile on my face when I just think of you in your absence. Actually Dost, I got the reason why I was not happy? Instead of thinking of you I was wasting my time on some other Non-Premium guy's. So Now happiness is all mine's let me enjoy it before something bad dawns.

Still no update on H1B but is expected any moment. Will keep you updated.

Congrats too Australia for the smashing victory. McGrath you are true Champion. M.Muralidaran got what he deserved throughout his career. Srilanka was never in the race for the Cup, but for some of my roommates hoped so!! Best of Luck to the rest of World for 2011 WC.

PS: I am "The Jatt".

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Preet Zinda

I think time has come for me come forward and have my say in what I will do in my life and to know what I want to acheive. So just like for having my own space other than Harpreet Singh Sran I am from now onwards will take this name "Preet Zinda". Preet is taken from Harpreet and Zinda is the name I am taking up as my tribute to the great servants of Punjabi Motherland "Zinda & Sukha" who shot down Cancer of indian politics Late Smt. Indira Gandhi. I think my area of writing will be around Punjab and Punjabi. I will keep posting whatever I write here on this blog in Gurmukhi. Hope o acheive what I am dreaming now. This is the Beginning path is long with lot of blocks and revolt laden.

Here Goes Preet Zinda ...

Layman's Angle: SL Vs NZ - A No Show

This world cup from the day 1 has turned out to be anti cimax whether as a Indian supporter or as a neutral one like we do in FIFA world cup. Semifinal 1 : Never has ever been a world cup or for that matter semifinal of any tournament has been a one-sided affair even the Champions League semifinal between Ac Milan & Manchester United was a better place too kill time at. Looking forward to what the second leg holds for Manchester United. Now What NewZealand did wrong according to me that they looked at the past record of M. Muralidaran other than just treating him as a just another spinner. It was sheer bad luck that bad days of Stephen Fleming, "Bond is Shane" and Scott Styris all came on same day. Rest everything that NewZealand did was fine in the context of game. 81 runs were required of 8.2 overs, game was always on but for gifting wickets too M. Muralidaran.
Sequence for commiting highest number of mistakes:
1. Umpires were wrong on the most of occasions.
2. NZ -- They allowed a person Mahela J. who cann't even speak like men to perform against men.
3. SL -- Actually they were Flawless with there limited resources, there bubble is swelling to burst badly. May they donot win the world cup God.

I think the 2nd semifinal is going to be a cracker on the spinner friendly track.

Now the big one: I didn't watch even one ball off the match.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Forget Those Moment's?

No not at all I cann't forgot those good old times although now I am equally happy ( I am lying). My cousin sister (buaji's daughter) used to stay with us at my village Chauke. At around 7 in the night light used to go, as soon as the light went all the children off the family used to sit on the Manja(Charpai), she used to start counting the time in which the light will come like he will say now light has gone to this village now to this... now to that and now it has reached the Maur Mandi Substation (Maur Mandi has Grid from which electricity used to come to our village). Then she started in the reverse order like light has left the Maur Mandi for our village now it has reached here now here... then it reaches our neighbours and now it is in our home. We used to start jumping childishly. Cann't forget it.
Then in the night after dinner chacha ji used to make us jump around Manja and gave the prizes away. prizes were 2 rupee coin or may be 1 rupee coin also and next day we people were not able to spend whole of our khajana of 5 rupees. Then we used to have Dand-Baithak game and all that kind off stuff. I used to loose to my brother and then I wept a lot. Then chacha ji would say yeh cheenti (keedi) maar dee maine aur main hasney lagta. Then in the nightwe used to make two teams and used too count the moving star's ... I still remember we left the count at 3100 ...
As one day me and my cousin sister were not able to win any rupee the night before next day we stole a bagful of sarson from the small godown we have and sold it the baniya's hatti in the village and the whole of sarson was off 99 rupees. That was to big a amount for us too hold. so bought somwthing for 4 rupees and told the baniya that keep rest of the money with you and we will come daily and buy something. We came home and were happy. Then in the evening Chachaji was passing from the front off that shop then that baniya called chachaji and told him ke your children came and they forgot there 95 rupees. Chachaji came and we got a thrashing off our life. My sister is married now and when we meet nowdays we laugh all the way on that incident.

What a happy day it will be when I will writing this blog from my laptop while sitting on the Manja in my farms tubewell. Aur fir tractor pe ghar jaunga shaam ko ... to have 1 litre glass full off milk.

Cann't feel it guy's if you have never been in my shoe's.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Artist with Bat & My Smile!!

Around 96-97 my father used to sing "Lara Lagey Pyara" in his usual punjabi carefree style. I thought what a waste of voice. Papa told me he would not have been into cricket after the end of Kapil's Devilz but for Brian C. Lara and Shane Warne. I thought maybe. Then in due course of time I also developed interest in the game and for sheer coincidence my favourite star's were also Shane Warne for obvious reasons and Brian Lara because he showed "The Great Chucker" M. Muralidaran(as I hate Muralidaran a lot) his due place. After sometime Glen McGrath completed my happy Trio. Now I am happy that I liked players who are real champions and are retiring at the peak of there career, while the mere mortals are still slugging it out. Mr. Tendulkar take a clue.
From my side "Papa, Lara Mainu V Lagey Pyara"
For the time being Bye Bye Lara You are the Greatest of my times. Best of Luck to you. Thanks for the entertainment.

Still no update on my H1B status is available. Hopefully and according to the current estimates this will be clear by Mid of May. Prayers are still on.

Now Personal one. Main Baar Baar Sharma kyun Jaata Hoon? While I was watching 'Just Married' starring Fardeen Khan & Esha Deol alone in the room, a scene came when Fardeen was trying to be cozy with Esha deol on the first night of there honeymoon but esha was not ready and she was hesitant. I was kind off embarassed due to the above situation and I paused the movie and left the room with a embarassed smile. Why I behaved like this? Mere dost jab bhee mere saath kayee baar aisi waisi baat karte haan toh main sharma jaata hoon. There are moments when this thing happens to me and not everytime this happens. But Why these moments? May be I will never get a answer to it!

Another Secret: Some of my Beard's Hair are turning white.

Bye ... and consider the thing below (Specifically Intended for some people & in general to all)

Often we forgive someone, but do not forget it. We account it and also give ourselves a pat on our back for forgiving "those who wronged us". It's not forgiving alone, but forgetting it as well that makes healing possible. Starting today, cultivate forgiveness in your own life and observe the learning that comes through it.

"Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind. Use it carefully my friends."

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Swing and Miss!!

Here swing is for Shane Bond and Miss is for ...!!
Update: USCIS has conducted the lottery for H1B's and results will reach us before the month end's. Senator Chuck Hagel from Nebraska has introduced a bill into senate to increase this year's quota temporarily to 195K up from current 65K. I still have prayers onmy hand that the bil should also be passed and above nothing can beat if my applicatiuons gets through the lottery. Only time will tell. Wait and Watch!!
African's have qualified for the semi's in the way only they could, another good thing that has emerged from this world cp is that SA has left the day's behind when there only mistake threw them out off the world cup!! Now after 1 loss and 2 upsets they are still in the semi's. Great work!! Last three matches would be crackers as all four are the top four in ICC ranking and in form teams. As for personal liking I have found out AB De Villiers as the new player who is going to be a player of future. Sachin "The Great" Tendulkar played 20-20 for Mumbai and made mumbai loose after taking them too a winnable position. So definitely there is something wrong with the presence of Tendulkar.

Did not have much of conversation with Jiwa Alok for they were busy with there lives and had some fine conversations with sonu, annie & lovy!! Abhishek Vimal is at home killing time once again for nothing. Great work dude!!

Some good Lines heard in punjabi songs!!
Highway dey ne King Punjabi --
Landeeyan jeepan Shaunk Avaley --
Tohar Punjabeeyan dee dekh aalad mutiyarey --
Jawani waley nashey wich nachdi aa Dekho Mundeyaan de toli --

What was great in the performance of Aamir Khan in the Movie "Andaaz Apna Apna"!! What a bull shit comedy it was!! These movies are not for the top-notch Actor of India. According to me Aamir has done only four Meaningful roles namely in Sarfarosh, Lagaan, Dil Chahta hai and Rang de Basanti. Amitabh Bachchan has overlived his Utility? Why are not people applauding Naseeruddin Shah, Om puri and giving them there due. I think These actors are well above Bachchan's who still keeps working for RGV in the movies like Nishabd, Cheeni Kaam and hopelessly in Boom!!
Anyway Big B Shahrukh is fast catching up with you, you better retire as numbero uno or come up with something concrete!! I think audience has connected more with Shahrukh in KBC than Big B.

Best of luck to Abhi-Ash pairing, Kaash Aishwarya kee Jagah Rani hoti...

juggernaut rolls on....!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Roo Ba Roo ..!!

We Laughed
We Walked
We Drank
We Slept
We Spoke our Heart out
We Planned
We Vowed
We Helped each other to our capacities
We Danced
We Fought
We Went Places
We Partied
We Played Cricket
We Teased
We Bunked Classes
We Made Projects

But still I don't know why that trust is missing, I still feel alone at some point off time.

We: My Friends.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

H1B quota Filled!!

H1B visa quota was filled on the 1st day itself. Why so fast? That’s the question heard in “Greek chorus” from employers, job seekers*like me), and kibitzers(who want to chat or converse) on learning that the H1B visa quota for fiscal year (FY) 2008 had been reached as of the first day of H1B filing, April 2, 2007.
As you know, H1B is the working visa for professionals of all stripes desirous to […]

Again when I laid my hand onto something some problem arose. Is not it so bad? Don't I deserve a peacful victory?

Will the quota Increase? Will my application get selected? It is all in God's hand. HE is Almighty.
I will not lie! I have not been able to sleep well for the first time in my life. Never had I been under so much pressure! Why I am under pressure I cann't answer exactly! I am left with only two signs '!' & '?' !

For the first time in my life I am fighting for some QUOTA? I can understand why this word is so controversial and important!

I know when my mummy papa chacha bua g everybody my friends are praying for me I will get through this storm to a better move towards a better and certainly adventurous tomorrow!

"Waheguru apne iss chotey jehe bhagat te Mehar wala hath rakheen"

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Shayri by renowed Punjabi Shayar Debi Maksoospuri:

ਅੱਖ ਵਿੱਚ ਪੈ ਜਾਵੇ ਵਾਲ ਤੰਗ ਕਰਦੈ,ਜ਼ਿੰਦਰੇ ਨੂੰ ਲੱਗ ਜੇ ਜੰਗਾਲ ਤੰਗ ਕਰਦੈ
ਮਿਲੇ ਨਾ ਜੇ ਸਵਾਰੀ ਬੜੇ ਚੀਕਦੇ ਨੇ ਬੱਸਾਂ ਵਾਲੇ,ਅਮਲੀ ਦਾ ਜੇ ਮੁੱਕ ਜਾਵੇ ਮਾਲ ਤੰਗ ਕਰਦੈ
ਘੁੱਟੀ ਚਾਰੇ ਪਾਸਿਓਂ ਰਜ਼ਾਈ ਤਾਂ ਵੀ ਠੰਡ ਲੱਗੇ,ਦੇਬੀ ਛੜੇ ਬੰਦੇ ਨੂੰ ਸਿਆਲ ਤੰਗ ਕਰਦੈ

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I am for last so many day's tired and really frustrated by this news of India exiting from the world cup doing the rounds again and again, mud slinging has begun in full flegded way, News channels are planting news by quoting there SOURCES. Please bring out these sources. Who are these I want to see them. We prepared, We played, Players played what they were capable of, opposition played better than us, We lost. Is not this simple to get into our minds. Actually the problem is that we are a country of One Billion free people who always take out there frustration (of not performing well in exams, not having enough salary, wife's expenses, child's dipping future, failed business, neighbours new car, rising prices list is very long) by abusing these players.
The root problem is We. When BCCI has openly said in court that it is a private limited then why are we hell bent upon making this a national tragedy. Players are contracted one's. They are payed to play for the board. Ask them if they will play if we pay them what is paid to a soldier who is dying in Siachen glacier. The answer will come out to be a plain NO. They are playing only for money not for National Pride. Countrymen the days are gone off Mohinder amarnath when they wore their pride of representing there country and slugged it out on the ground for a mere sum of some hundred rupees. These days player's threaten not to play for INDIA if they are not paid the sum of money they demand. Come on Fellow Indian's let's give cricket a status of sport again.
Fun Corner : Now player's have found a way out of saying that they have played for so many years for India why is this happening to them now. Answer to it: Because you have served the country for so much time that's why are we again and again giving you a chance to bow out peacefully, otherwise "paani agar sir se upar ho jayega" then there is other way out also.

Captain said this after the world cup debacle "our team was thrown out of the tournament, we just didn't deserve to win the World Cup." Why are then we complaining.

The issues that needs to be discussed are Nandigram SEZ case, Elections in UP which effects the life of 18 crore people directly and 1 blue billion indirectly, the social menance of Nithari killings.

I have got a another problem at my hand. The USCIS (Visa Office in America) has declared that they have received enough applications on Day 1 and Day 2 with applications numbering to 150k+. Now the visa cap is 65K. So these people are going to conduct a lottery in which computer will select random applications. Hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that me and Abhishek get through this all and our applications are selected. Are not these tensions enough? Pray for us.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Some "times"

Hello Everybody I am back to what I like doing best. Thinking and Writing. First people remember you by the deeds you have done. I got the example when I was going to chandigarh for some passport related work, I was supposed to catch the bus from rampura phul. While I was standing at the bus stand a classmate of my father who is Bus stop Incharge at rampura phul came. I greeted him and told him that I was on my way to chandigarh as I am in a hurry to complete my work by afternoon. Then he told me that "chautala aa rahi hai". I was confused by this line. Suddenly a superfast bus came and stopped over there to pick up the passengers then I understood the whole story that because OP Chautala started superfast buses in his regime in haryana that is why Haryana Roadways are always refered outside haryana as chautala. Hahahahaha.

Rest the life for last some time has been topsy turvvy, sometimes I am on the top and another second the masterly TIME overrides me. But finally I think I have found the cure for my laziness and wake-2-eat attitude.
In one line RAM NIWAS ASAWA still remains a mystery to me the more I am trying to solve more I get entangled in it.

Rest I had landed up a job with software firm First-Tek in New Jersey. This will surely put my life into some sort of Gear. I will be starting my Java coaching classes in a day or two.Rest major thrust for the time being will be on JAVA & HEALTH.

In the meantime Jiwateshwar Singh has left for australia for his master's, Abhishek Dubey has got the job with NIIT technologies, Munish Sikka has got admission in IIFM Bhopal, Alok is entering into 2nd year of his Management Program. Abhishek Vimal in all probability is going to be my Comrade-in-arms to The States.
So the Worldly breathing has started and the end to life has come. In a true sense to me I have lived my life.

"Us intzaar se koi gila nahin, jiske baad tum mil jao"

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