Gurdas Maan "Sajna iss tann ne mukk jaana bhavein roz maalishaan kariye, Roti Haq dee khayiye g bhavein boot polishaan kariye"

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Roo Ba Roo ..!!

We Laughed
We Walked
We Drank
We Slept
We Spoke our Heart out
We Planned
We Vowed
We Helped each other to our capacities
We Danced
We Fought
We Went Places
We Partied
We Played Cricket
We Teased
We Bunked Classes
We Made Projects

But still I don't know why that trust is missing, I still feel alone at some point off time.

We: My Friends.

2 reactions:

Jiwateshwar Singh said...

Trust is to giv, not to take. u can only make urself worthy of ones trust. You feel alone when you retract yourself to feel the moments you dont want to share with "we".

Alok said...

company is always a bliss, else wise everyone is alone here.

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