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Monday, April 30, 2007

I am "really" happy after a long time so lets start with this sheyar
"Sohne sohne nain naksh usde,
vekhan vaale bada hee pasand karde,
saade naal kare oh pyar hass ke,
eho jeha koi rabba parband kar de,
saanu vi sohna bana de Rabba,
nahi taan sohne banaune band kar de"
So Why I am happy? What happened? Answer is nothing happened!!
I was sitting with Abhishek vimal yesterday in the park and I counted my real friends and the list made me really happy. I have loadz of them. YOU ARE ONE OF THEM & A GEM !! Thanks for bringing a smile on my face when I just think of you in your absence. Actually Dost, I got the reason why I was not happy? Instead of thinking of you I was wasting my time on some other Non-Premium guy's. So Now happiness is all mine's let me enjoy it before something bad dawns.

Still no update on H1B but is expected any moment. Will keep you updated.

Congrats too Australia for the smashing victory. McGrath you are true Champion. M.Muralidaran got what he deserved throughout his career. Srilanka was never in the race for the Cup, but for some of my roommates hoped so!! Best of Luck to the rest of World for 2011 WC.

PS: I am "The Jatt".

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Jiwateshwar Singh said...

Jae rabb nae sohne banane band karte, taan tere varge log kiven jamungae? we are all beautiful in our own way. aint we!

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