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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I am for last so many day's tired and really frustrated by this news of India exiting from the world cup doing the rounds again and again, mud slinging has begun in full flegded way, News channels are planting news by quoting there SOURCES. Please bring out these sources. Who are these I want to see them. We prepared, We played, Players played what they were capable of, opposition played better than us, We lost. Is not this simple to get into our minds. Actually the problem is that we are a country of One Billion free people who always take out there frustration (of not performing well in exams, not having enough salary, wife's expenses, child's dipping future, failed business, neighbours new car, rising prices list is very long) by abusing these players.
The root problem is We. When BCCI has openly said in court that it is a private limited then why are we hell bent upon making this a national tragedy. Players are contracted one's. They are payed to play for the board. Ask them if they will play if we pay them what is paid to a soldier who is dying in Siachen glacier. The answer will come out to be a plain NO. They are playing only for money not for National Pride. Countrymen the days are gone off Mohinder amarnath when they wore their pride of representing there country and slugged it out on the ground for a mere sum of some hundred rupees. These days player's threaten not to play for INDIA if they are not paid the sum of money they demand. Come on Fellow Indian's let's give cricket a status of sport again.
Fun Corner : Now player's have found a way out of saying that they have played for so many years for India why is this happening to them now. Answer to it: Because you have served the country for so much time that's why are we again and again giving you a chance to bow out peacefully, otherwise "paani agar sir se upar ho jayega" then there is other way out also.

Captain said this after the world cup debacle "our team was thrown out of the tournament, we just didn't deserve to win the World Cup." Why are then we complaining.

The issues that needs to be discussed are Nandigram SEZ case, Elections in UP which effects the life of 18 crore people directly and 1 blue billion indirectly, the social menance of Nithari killings.

I have got a another problem at my hand. The USCIS (Visa Office in America) has declared that they have received enough applications on Day 1 and Day 2 with applications numbering to 150k+. Now the visa cap is 65K. So these people are going to conduct a lottery in which computer will select random applications. Hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that me and Abhishek get through this all and our applications are selected. Are not these tensions enough? Pray for us.

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