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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Preet Zinda

I think time has come for me come forward and have my say in what I will do in my life and to know what I want to acheive. So just like for having my own space other than Harpreet Singh Sran I am from now onwards will take this name "Preet Zinda". Preet is taken from Harpreet and Zinda is the name I am taking up as my tribute to the great servants of Punjabi Motherland "Zinda & Sukha" who shot down Cancer of indian politics Late Smt. Indira Gandhi. I think my area of writing will be around Punjab and Punjabi. I will keep posting whatever I write here on this blog in Gurmukhi. Hope o acheive what I am dreaming now. This is the Beginning path is long with lot of blocks and revolt laden.

Here Goes Preet Zinda ...

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Jiwateshwar Singh said...

dude there is sum serious problem here. u r refferin to indira gandhi as smt. thats wrong

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