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Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Making of Part Two

Well Well finally I knew that around 1300+ clicks have been made to read whatsoever I have splashed on here. I came to know about it all via www.sitemeter.com. Well the clicks I have been getting are from US of A, UK, Spain, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand to name a few. Another interesting fact: There is one post which I had written which has been getting almost 73% of the traffic. Rest mostly what I post is of no meaning to anybody(Judging by face value). That post on Punjabi Boliyaan looks to be quite a hit with Punjabi's worldwide. And look what ... I am a true star, for I will be shortly coming up with part two of that post. Surely I guess I know how to build on success. For interested one's what I am currently trying is to get some Boliyaan on marriage and other Punjabi functions. So all the contributions are welcome if anyone concerned wants to make any boli kindly send me the boli at harpreetsran@gmail.com, for I will put your name on the World Famous page on Punjabi Boliyaan. You wanna hit me ... na.a.ah not. Anyway what about my other posts ...

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