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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Swing and Miss!!

Here swing is for Shane Bond and Miss is for ...!!
Update: USCIS has conducted the lottery for H1B's and results will reach us before the month end's. Senator Chuck Hagel from Nebraska has introduced a bill into senate to increase this year's quota temporarily to 195K up from current 65K. I still have prayers onmy hand that the bil should also be passed and above nothing can beat if my applicatiuons gets through the lottery. Only time will tell. Wait and Watch!!
African's have qualified for the semi's in the way only they could, another good thing that has emerged from this world cp is that SA has left the day's behind when there only mistake threw them out off the world cup!! Now after 1 loss and 2 upsets they are still in the semi's. Great work!! Last three matches would be crackers as all four are the top four in ICC ranking and in form teams. As for personal liking I have found out AB De Villiers as the new player who is going to be a player of future. Sachin "The Great" Tendulkar played 20-20 for Mumbai and made mumbai loose after taking them too a winnable position. So definitely there is something wrong with the presence of Tendulkar.

Did not have much of conversation with Jiwa Alok for they were busy with there lives and had some fine conversations with sonu, annie & lovy!! Abhishek Vimal is at home killing time once again for nothing. Great work dude!!

Some good Lines heard in punjabi songs!!
Highway dey ne King Punjabi --
Landeeyan jeepan Shaunk Avaley --
Tohar Punjabeeyan dee dekh aalad mutiyarey --
Jawani waley nashey wich nachdi aa Dekho Mundeyaan de toli --

What was great in the performance of Aamir Khan in the Movie "Andaaz Apna Apna"!! What a bull shit comedy it was!! These movies are not for the top-notch Actor of India. According to me Aamir has done only four Meaningful roles namely in Sarfarosh, Lagaan, Dil Chahta hai and Rang de Basanti. Amitabh Bachchan has overlived his Utility? Why are not people applauding Naseeruddin Shah, Om puri and giving them there due. I think These actors are well above Bachchan's who still keeps working for RGV in the movies like Nishabd, Cheeni Kaam and hopelessly in Boom!!
Anyway Big B Shahrukh is fast catching up with you, you better retire as numbero uno or come up with something concrete!! I think audience has connected more with Shahrukh in KBC than Big B.

Best of luck to Abhi-Ash pairing, Kaash Aishwarya kee Jagah Rani hoti...

juggernaut rolls on....!!

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