Gurdas Maan "Sajna iss tann ne mukk jaana bhavein roz maalishaan kariye, Roti Haq dee khayiye g bhavein boot polishaan kariye"

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hey there

Welcome ji! New look. I have decided to support a more female friendly environment on my blog from now on. The dull orange has been replaced by bright blue and white colors. I hope my female readers find it pleasing and visit me more often than what they already do. After all, hun munda javan ho geya ae and ghar valae vyaah karvaan nu kudi labdae paye nae.
Cutting the crap short, hope everyone likes the new look and I'm looking forward to a more sustainable relationship with my readers from now on.
Mere walon sareyan nu jee aaya nu.

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