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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Forget Those Moment's?

No not at all I cann't forgot those good old times although now I am equally happy ( I am lying). My cousin sister (buaji's daughter) used to stay with us at my village Chauke. At around 7 in the night light used to go, as soon as the light went all the children off the family used to sit on the Manja(Charpai), she used to start counting the time in which the light will come like he will say now light has gone to this village now to this... now to that and now it has reached the Maur Mandi Substation (Maur Mandi has Grid from which electricity used to come to our village). Then she started in the reverse order like light has left the Maur Mandi for our village now it has reached here now here... then it reaches our neighbours and now it is in our home. We used to start jumping childishly. Cann't forget it.
Then in the night after dinner chacha ji used to make us jump around Manja and gave the prizes away. prizes were 2 rupee coin or may be 1 rupee coin also and next day we people were not able to spend whole of our khajana of 5 rupees. Then we used to have Dand-Baithak game and all that kind off stuff. I used to loose to my brother and then I wept a lot. Then chacha ji would say yeh cheenti (keedi) maar dee maine aur main hasney lagta. Then in the nightwe used to make two teams and used too count the moving star's ... I still remember we left the count at 3100 ...
As one day me and my cousin sister were not able to win any rupee the night before next day we stole a bagful of sarson from the small godown we have and sold it the baniya's hatti in the village and the whole of sarson was off 99 rupees. That was to big a amount for us too hold. so bought somwthing for 4 rupees and told the baniya that keep rest of the money with you and we will come daily and buy something. We came home and were happy. Then in the evening Chachaji was passing from the front off that shop then that baniya called chachaji and told him ke your children came and they forgot there 95 rupees. Chachaji came and we got a thrashing off our life. My sister is married now and when we meet nowdays we laugh all the way on that incident.

What a happy day it will be when I will writing this blog from my laptop while sitting on the Manja in my farms tubewell. Aur fir tractor pe ghar jaunga shaam ko ... to have 1 litre glass full off milk.

Cann't feel it guy's if you have never been in my shoe's.

2 reactions:

Alok said...

Aur fir tractor pe ghar jaunga shaam ko ... to have 1 litre glass full off milk.

:) ha ha ha, tum kabhi nahi sudhroge ..

Jiwateshwar Singh said...

very beautifully put, but are we not forgetin sum? what about the mutyaar sitting on the side of the tractor!! lolz

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