Gurdas Maan "Sajna iss tann ne mukk jaana bhavein roz maalishaan kariye, Roti Haq dee khayiye g bhavein boot polishaan kariye"

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Flight of My Dream's

When I wake up everyday, there is a dream in my eyes. Then doing day dreaming I take a flight to my city of dreams, I am seated in the plane working on the novel on which I started working nearly a year back.. with a lust for having a home in the space .. then I land up at the airport where my seniors pick me up. they take me to the university tour.. then i settle down in my regular life murmuring "Jatt Aa Geya America" .. working part time to earn for myself. Then after hard work of two years I settle into a Job where I earn enough for myself and myself. I then joins the Illusturious Hollywood. I work there and learn about newer aspects of art. Then nearly when I am 30 I take a plunge back into India. And if anybody breaks my dream now, Saunh Rabb jee karda hai ohda gatta lah deyaan. I come back and first thing I receive is the acolades for my Novel. Then I starts farming in the lush green lands of PUNJAB where I work on my dream of having a big orchard which should be fully grown by me, I could not just stop smiling by thinking of that scene when I would be dancing and driving on Blue Ford in my farms and a Punjaban Jatti will be bringing lunch for me on her Head and dressed in a yellow and red amidst the Lehlehatee Peeli Sarson. Then it could not get better When I have a blue-eyed daughter who comes rushing towards me hearing the sound of my ford when I arrives from farms to take a small ride. At the sametime I am associated with the development of punjabi movie and music industry with houghts I am harbouring these day's for the upliftment and spreading my Punjabi Virasaat everywhere. I would be working in the movies as a actor, director and script writer(It could be in a many more ways also) .. wake up folks it's time too sleep again, Life is not Fairytale until you Dream Daily.

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