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Friday, July 20, 2007

'What I Believe'

Welcome Back. It has really been some time since I got into something serious. I hope ( no no just pray) that I start moving on a serious path. Many serious matters came my way I laughed at them, but somehow now all that is staring horribly at me. But this is how it is !! As for blogging for so much time I just wanted to write something, many thoughts maybe arguments came into my mind & the suddenly everything vaporises. All that is personal, for the time I would not like to share it with even my closest pal. Something spicy that I have gained over last 15-20 days is here.

PP (Punjab Police) known for it's torturous ways at the order of Badal Jr. (Sukhbir) is treating chief Secretary to Former CM Capt. Maharaja Amarinder Singh, Bharat Inder Singh Chahal in the worst of ways. Maybe in the history of Punjab Politics this has never happened before that such a high profile person is treated in such a way. In this summer which is turning out to be hottest and humid in quite some years what the PP personnel do is that they put the Heater on in the barrack of BIS Chahal & people who have seen it tell that in the afternoon it is like pressure cooker -- steam at around unbearable temperature. Even the Congress has distanced it from Mr. Chahal, terming him to be a bureaucrat not a congress worker. But Maharaja yesterday went to meet him and announced it that whatever is the stand of Congress he is with BIS Chahal (Friendship). Insiders Say that when Maharaja met him he wept inconsolably and told him that "22g bahut buri taran kutdey ne" But more than 90 % of Punjabi Public is against BIS Chahal for the way he ruled for 5 years. Maharaja has warned Badal in press conference that he will pay back after 5 years. But who has seen future the curent scenario is that --Maharaja wait for your turn to be put behind the bars--

Another PP is in news these days better known as Pratibha Patil. I fully agree tha Mrs. Patil is tainted or even tainted badly. I have taken all the arguments of BJP & Co Ltd. But even Mr. Shekhawat is tainted, he is accused (sorry not accused but guilty charges proven) of accepting bribe in 1947 after our independence as a Government employee. Even he is accused of saving his brother in a murder case. RSS man. Done. No. Quoting from newspaper According to BJP stalwart L.K. Advani (19th July. 2007 Hindustan times 12 th Page on presidential election) Congress has initially proposed to BJP the name of Mr. Shekhawat as President & Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde as a Vice President as consensus candidates. But BJP rejected it as it wanted one of candidates to be it's as in this case both candidates would have belonged to Congress. BJP initially misread the situation as it thought it would be able to bargain for one post, but later many of the parties ditched NDA and went on to form UNPA which worked perfectly for Congress. As if all the opposition would have been united then the situation would have been different. But we know HE is watching. Opposition has again pointed out the problem without putting any viable replacement.

I didn't want to save Mrs. Patil. But the point is that there was not a single candidate with no bad past record who did the rounds. Hopefully we will get one next time around. One thing which has made me happy is that for the first time the voting for President has happened in a true democratic way. This is good precedent, as all the public participated and gave there opinions which is a healthy symbol. Sad aspect is that all the technology has warmed up to kill the sitting duck, but why don't we do this kind of scrutiny and protests when we select the MP's or MLA's and then when cabinets are selected. I will tell you. Because in that case we have a brother who we need to save or there is some illegal work we need to be done, so we select the person who will fit our needs irrespective of his background. When we as a society doing this then how can we expect our leaders to behave in a different way. After all they are also a part of society. So there is some introspection to be done. We could do better if we could do all the scrutiny in selecting our lawmakers who actually run the country and make/break our lives than a person who is only supposed to put THE RUBBER STAMP on what the people selected by us decide.

But the problem is that our country is full with people like us who could only see what is shown to us. Indians like to keep there brains brand new. Now the next big election is of Vice-President. As a experience I would like see some agriculturist to be our VP. We as a country are underplaying the importance of a farmer in this country. A simple fact will illustrate it. Out of 49000+ branches of all the Sahkari* banks opened in our country only 3000+ are in rural areas but the 70 % of the savings come from rural areas. India as a country is turning out to be a capitalist country, while the need of the hour is to maintain a balance between socialism and capitalism. Truth is that Country with large populations can't be successful capitalist countries, if I could be proved wrong I will be very happy ... otherwise position is hopeless with current setup in view.

We know that world bank has not done much to really help other than making us KARZAYEE. But then why are some people so hell bent upon projecting Mr. Arun Shourie as a person who could bail out India. But look what the fact is. Around 2001-2002 in January, before the Budget was to be presented BJP was disturbed for the increasing fiscal deficit. Then Our Mr. Shourie came out with a way and proposed to sell out 3 PSU's and proposed that the money could be used to reduce the fiscal deficit, but for some politics he was not able to sell the majority stakes but he sold the Minority stakes in the three PSU's worth 45000 cr. Rupees- just for 15000 cr. Rupees- in the hurry to do it before March. Look this is our esteemed Financial expert. He is a world bank's man hell bent on selling India to business houses. Even Govt is trying to privatize Punjab State Electricity Board which is a loss making PSU, Now what a common sense says -- when you will provide free electricity to farmers or poor how you expect the body to make profit, When Sukhbir Badal issues orders to Chairman, PSEB not to register & stop power theft how would you expect the body to make profit. Now accepted that privatization will reduce the power theft or free electricity. But then why would Business House having control of PSEB will provide electricity to common people when LN Mittal ready to pay more than 3 times the cost of electricity for providing uninterrupted supply to the OIL Refinary in which he holds 49 % stake. Same holds for small players. Government is hell bent upon applying same model in Punjab which has failed in Orissa, Delhi, Haryana, Andhra Pardesh & another states. The better thing to do will be to invite the private players to provide the electricity in competition with PSEB. Then the stronger will survive and Weaker will vansh based on the model adopted by China.

I think I am done for now. It was really hard to put all the thoughts together in a way so that reader can understand but I have tried my best. Comments?

5 reactions:

Alok said...


HostelMate said...

Do you really think that our "Financial expert" would like to own the burden of selling good PSUs in a country hollowed by socialists?

Think again. Check your facts. Check the track record of the PSUs Dr. Shourie dealt with.

bEAST said...

i dont really understand politics! :)

Chauke Harpreet Singh said...

1. What does :) mean.

2. Hello hostelmate, I didn't understand the tone & meaning of the first part of your question "Do you really think that our "Financial expert" would like to own the burden of selling good PSUs in a country hollowed by socialists?" ?

3. Chadd yaar kee laina hai politics ton !!

Abhishek Dubey hurled some abuses which I could not publish.

Chauke Harpreet Singh said...

As of Shourie Sahib I have stated that he sold the three PSU's at only 33% of the prevalent market cost which he would have got, had he given the proper time to all the bidders. He completed the whole process in a matter of 40-45 days.

Now the point I was making is that just to reduce the fiscal deficit in the annual budget so that BJP govt can enhance it's image, he made a country suffer a loss
of 30,000 crore rupees. I have not stated anywhere whether the PSU was loss making or not. Even if the PSU was loss making that doesn't mean you sell it at 33% of the market price. Whether his decision to sell minority stakes in the above mentioned three PSU's was wrong or not is again a matter of debate.
In case of Arun Shourie I have not criticised all of his privatisation decisions but I gave reference of 3 Particular PSU's.
All of his privatization decisions I would like to condemn only after I study them for which I don't have time and reference material immediately. Kindly give me the source from where you have become his fan.

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