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Monday, April 24, 2006

Emraan Hashmi n Tanushri Dutta

Well emraan hashmi's talent was initially doubted by slowly he has stamped himself with his genre of movie...now he can boast of fan following who just go to watch movies just for him(ur's truly is one off them) tanushree dutta has stamped on some off public in the initial phase itself with his different from the lot voice and very teasing smile well boyz she has atleast got my thumbs up. n both of these budding actors got together in the movie aashiq banaya apne and i still regret why i didnot c it in the hall loadz of times.... scene when hashmi fights with some guyz teasing the dutta... n when he leaves dutta at his flat ..... when dutta wanted to take a leak in the traffic jam.... i looked that everything just naturally fell in place ..... all characters took to stage like duck to water..... n cant forget that steamy aashiq banaya apne song and when dutta tells karan that vicky has said her 143. well guyz i have really got hitched to this movie.....

Babbar Khalsa

Courtesy: wikipedia the free encyclopedia

The Babbar Khalsa (Punjabi: ਬੱਬਰ ਖਾਲਸਾ, babbara khālasā) is a group considered to be among the oldest and most prominent of Sikh organisations calling for the formation of an independent Sikh state. The envisioned state, called Khalistan (meaning Land of the Pure) by its proponents, would comprise Indian territory in the Punjab, and Punjabi-speaking areas of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan. Like other Sikh separatist organisations, the Babbar Khalsa was most active in the 1970s and 1980s, although sporadic acts of violence are still attributed to it. It is sponsored by expatriate Sikhs, particularly in the United Kingdom and Canada as well as Sikh groups within India. The Babbar Khalsa is listed as a terrorist organisation by the United Kingdom, the EU, and Canada. The United States has designated the Babbar Khalsa responsible for the bombing of Air India Flight 182; although the alleged members deemed responsible were all acquited in a Canadian trial in 2005.

Origins of the Babbar Khalsa

The Babbar Khalsa traces its origin to the Babbar Akali Movement of 1920, which agitated against British colonial rule in India. The conception of Babbar Khalsa in its modern day form is widely believed to have been brought about as a result of the Nirankari-Akhand Kirtani Jatha clash on Vaisakhi in 1978, where thirteen Sikhs and three Nirankaris died. The Nirankaris were a sect who claimed to be Sikhs yet, in the opinion of some others, broke many fundamental laws of Sikhism. On 24 April 1980, Gurbachan Singh, the "Baba" of the Nirankaris, was killed. Responsibility for this killing was claimed by the Babbar Khalsa.

Sukhdev Singh Babbar and Talwinder Singh Parmar were the most prominent founding members of this organisation, with Talwinder Singh Parmar founding the Babbar Khalsa International in 1981 and Sukhdev Singh Babbar handling matters within India. Talwinder Singh Parmar later split off forming his own faction (Babbar Khalsa Parmar) when he fell out with the BKI leadership.

The split and Practical end

The schism greatly weakened the Babbar Khalsa, ultimately leading to the death of Sukhdev Singh Babbar (9 August 1992) and Talwinder Singh Parmar (15 October 1992). Parmar's death remains controversial, and today he is accepted to have been shot in a gun battle with Indian police, with Canada's CBC network reporting that Parmar had been in police custody for some time prior to his death.

According to Punjab Police, the last words uttered by Sukhdev Singh Babbar were: "The Sukhdev Singh you have come to get has left, this body is an empty vessel, you may do with this as you wish." The death of Sukhdev Singh, described by India Today as “the most prominent militant leader since 1978” who had “an aura of invincibility”, severely weakened the Babbar Khalsa.

Grit vs Talent

"It is not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing."
A Headline copied from sportstar's latest issue ..... both virtues are god gifted but in my eyes i respect the gritty persons more than the talented ones.... and it is not only holds true for me but also for most of the persons... reason because even the best of the talented need the grit to turn the talent into something potential......in sports leander paes is not talented one for singles but while playing for country the grit takes over ...... anil kumble's gritty performance against aussies in 2003-04 series n with broken jaw in 2002 in caribbean ..... steve waugh no words are sufficient for this fighter to the core.... even in the other walks of life we can drive iinspiration from medha patkar ( flag bearer of the narmada bachao andolan) , adolf hitler ( though for the wronger reasons), mahatma gandhi for that matter sonia gandhi has that grit to prove her detractors wrong always, even if she has to forego best of the oppurtunities, to maintainhigh moral values.....
"We as Human beings tend to rely more on grit than talent." Unknown

Friday, April 21, 2006

Boom Boom Dhoni

this powerbike( MS Dhoni) from ranchi juss seems to have enough fuel to run the whole race off international cricket, boy this guyz every run just seems to win matches for india except one match aginst england in every match where he has scored india has won emphatically... 42 matches 103 sr 1300+ runs 52+ avg superb stats above n over his recomendable keeping india juss has forgot to miss sachin (6+4)dulkar. now i just cant think of a reason why india should not win the carribean cup. we have no 1 odi batsman , highest century maker and runscorer , wall , mr. yuvraj singh bevan , swashbuckling sehwag no other batting line up can boast of this.... then best emerging player of the year to start bowling , disco dancer sreesanth (everybody has danced to his tunes) , only bowler of this decade to trouble batsman of ponting's stature "turbunator" . we have just everything best in every position..... boy what else we need..........to taste the carib beer.....
" Dho De Dhoni "

recounting lost days.....

uffffff... i have woken up really for the first time in the last 4 years to count what i have lost and hopefully gained.... first and foremost friends ( fast n furious ) have been a rarity , i m just clinging onto some friends .... hoping that i will somehow get control of somebody.... studies .... my very distant relative.... have been on the wrong side of my development??? sports lost all the contact with this commodity , relatives n my parents have started to luuuuv me more than ever!!!!! mother n chachi r keen on my marriage but pops is strict no no.
" Koi apna hove ja Gair hove, Rabba kise te na eh kehar hove
Yaar vichre na kadi yaar kolon, oh zindagi ke jo yaar ton begair hove"

Friday, April 07, 2006

hectic 7 days....

woooooooohhh... last 7 days have been one of the most hectic of my life if i count on fingers i have slept for only 15 hours have nearly danced for 30 hours beleive it.... then i have drove for nearly 35 hours in 7 days and the you can also count the 15 hours i have been on the train .... i have nearly drank 4 bottles of wine (2 bottles of mcdowwels + 2 bottles of home made n mind u it was one of the purest and strongest i ever had...) n when my bua n fufa g asked us sleep in the night and took our cd's away i threw the cd player and it was broken.. but after that we danced on the cassetee player and above all me and my cousin(bridegrooms elder brother) under the effect of wine ran away from the house at 2 o'clock in the morning. and while doing all this i have to also accomplish some personal works... it turned out to be my best marriage till date .my parents and relatives also finally came to know that i also drinks.... n we all cousins also wept after drinking we were all pouring daroo over each other and then there was that ritual of throwing money while we are dancing after rotating it over our head , under wines effect i nearly threw away 2500 rupees... i was the person who drove the brides car to our home and charged 5100 rupees from my buag for allowing the bride to get down from the car... these incidents are not actually going to end... so its all i have for now.... but yaar one thing agar papa logon ko pata ho na ke puttar peene lag gaya hai toh peene ka jo mazaa aata hai woh chup ke peene mein nahin hai!!!!!

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