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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Me-Papa & Me-Friends

Woke up in the morning and by chance my hand landed on my cellphone!! there was a message from papa!! Other than usual hello hi it had a usual daily newspaper thought for me "Beyond mountains there are mountains again." I pressed button for back and saw that he has sent another message which was followed by another thought "Hard worker 'CAN' realiZe his potential, but a Genius 'SHOULD' realiZe it". I guess I slept again. What a shame!! but the day I will succeed Papa it will be "for & due" too you not for some Lance Armstrong or XYZ business man.

In continuation (I guess tribute is better) too Jeeva's Diamond:
Kya din the bhai college ke. Sahi boloon toh tab bhee Papa ke ek thought aaya tha somewhat like this "One should 'L'ive the Moment, As the Success in life is all about 'L'iving one moment after another."

We had a bottle of Signature went all the way too Agra too find a place to drink and enjoy it. In minor examinations I waited for all the night ke kab exam time aayega aur hum log usse pehle will dance on "Paraan hoja sohniye, saddi rail gaddi aayee". Dubey, you & Sikka stand testimony too this!! Abhishek ke woh dialogue yaad aatey haan ke uske papa ne usse kaha hai in DDLJ style "ke jaa apni jawani ke saath meri jawani bhee jee ke aa beta". Kya pakata tha baap. Woh last sem yaad hai kya jab (RDB) release huee thee, kya mazaa tha janab, "bhain dee takee sab beer daa kasoor hai", yeh toh tum nahin bhool saktey!! mast peetey the aur dialogue the "tu toh mera yaar hai, ghar taak chodunga." Jeeva tum pata nahin pehley din se friend par baney aake last semester mein!! Alok woh six yaad hai jo leg side pe maara tha collge ground mein match mein! uske baad kitni mazaa aayi thee!! hope tumhein woh chotti c khushi yaad hogi.
Lets recollect those golden moments and share between us.
I have got something from everyone too remember!!

Himanshu bhai & lovely Sikka have gifted me my Bachelor's degree. Abhishek Vimalz red diary!!
Alok you gave me precious wintry nights laced with your thought's. Dubey you are left without any 'pleasant' gift!! Joking brother you taught me too fight and face the problems by living with them!! I learnt that I can befriend all the obstacles.
And Yaaro Punjabi haan taan
"Jeeva, the scotch bottle you gave with a Peg in it is still with me!!" and hoping that I gave everybody a place too invest there emotions and "A Smile".

I am feeling the rush off adrenaline....

2 reactions:

Jiwateshwar Singh said...

very beautifull in deed. we all have somethin that still tickles in our brain from those old days. some how tending to become immune and ignorant until woken up by chauke wala

Alok said...


sab kuch aaisa tha na sardar ??
though you know this, fir bhi..i love you.

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