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Monday, July 21, 2008


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It takes patience to keep a nagging Girlfriend; fortune to keep an ambitious Girlfriend; four eyes to keep a pretty Girlfriend. Watsay ...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

So you think you can dance !! Bollywood Ishtyle

Recently while surfing on youtube I found this excellent video. I am just sharing it with you guys. I hope you would like it.

Essence of Blogging !!

I am into third year of my blogging and this is apparantly the hundredth post I can surely say that I have enjoyed the journey for I only blogged when I felt like ... nothing by compulsion that somebody would be waiting for it. I would thank the readers like Rupinder Monga, Ranjit Kaur, Jaspal who really gave me some good Punjabi traditional songs, Cuckoo who tagged some of my posts ... (if she will read it) ... Jiwateshwar for discussing blog so much that I felt that if he is discussing so much then kuch toh hai !! Aalok for his support till he lost contact with the world some two months back and many others unnamed visitors. I have always feared being alone. So the worst I thought was that I would be only one visiting this and by somebody's will that didn't happen and adbrite website says that I daily get around 40 unique users to my blog. That's good enough although few more zeroes would be what I will not mind.

When I started blogging, long before Aamir Khan or Big B followed in my footsteps, my major purpose was to use this as a online diary then I found that I could express myself in a more concrete way and the way I have scanned some of the topics they brought clarity in my thoughts and I had a more structured discussions after that. For a person like me who never likes to do one thing for too long to write this blog was indeed an achievement. Some of my posts were really good and I can say with surety that they found there way to there intended readers without me promoting them. That is the power of quality writing. So have I read the relevant posts over a period of time. One real shortcoming with me is that whenever I read somebody's post I normally don't comment ... but somewhere I know & want to comment!! Any secret to add this quality although of late I have been trying this. Anyway thanks to all would be looking more and kindly come up with some suggestions to what I should do on this blog for I have loads of time these days.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sachin Tendulkar: My reality check

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar: Indian Superhero. In my memory we (for that matter I) Indians have never revered any personality so much. I hated to love him and loved to hate him both at a time. He has gracefully carried over billion hopes in bitter sweet mode. He told us what a sporting hero is!! Kapil Dev comes to my mind immediately as National sporting hero but even his rise as a cult figure has been linked with India winning World Cup in 1983. But Sachin Tendulkar rose and shone irrespective of whether India won or lost. His record speaks for himself. List is long and unending if I start giving examples of his greatness but the foremost and only example I would like to quote is when another perfectionist Aamir Khan gave testimony in Sachin's favour on his blog in the post titled Sachin the Great. Aamir's word are italicised in blue. You will find this hard to believe but Sachin was able to predict every ball before it was bowled. “He is going to bowl a bouncer next”, “This one is going to be a slower one”, “Full tilt outside the off stump”, “Next one will be a yorker”, “Short of length”. It was uncanny. HE GOT IT RIGHT EACH TIME!!! No wonder its so difficult to bowl to him.

Sachin has gave us many a moment's to cheer and cherish. From dust storm in Sharjah to the two gem of match winning knocks in the finals of CB series via 2003 World Cup journey we relished his every shot. But the question is did he win enough matches for India and did justice to his talent? Time for you to answer.

The rise of Tendulkar gave rise to indiviual sporting heroes in our country. I have this feeling (can't say it authoritatively) that in team one team can only be champion when one player is not head & shoulders above the rest. If it was Sachin for India then Beckham was so for England. Even in Indian hockey when the team consisted of good players it became a great team by winning eight Olympic gold medals and when players like Dhanraj Pillay or Pargat singh rose above the team then the team plunged to some depths. Even in final of 1998
Soccer World Cup when the presence of Ronaldo was so overpowering that he was played despite him being not physically & mentally fit to play and result was the loss of Brazil. I firmly believe that when there is one star which is above everybody else in the team then somehow team is not motivated enough as will be a team where players are of same stature. So in my sense Tendulkar gave rise to a cult figure under whose weight the team spirit of other players was lost and they were not motivated enough or they didn't push themselves so much to win they were not under the scanner as was Sachin.

Anyway now Sachin is suffering from injury and will return in due time. But following the Indian ODI team in recent months I never felt that Sachin is being missed. Gambhir has filled the openers role at least on subcontinental pitches and he was also highly successful on Australian tour. Now in my opinion the role of Sachin should be and would be more of a mentor in the team where his experience should be passed onto Sharmas and Rainas for India's better future for his body is not in position to take the workload which the younger legs are taking nowadays after 19 years of relentless service to the game of cricket. Now the loss to Sri Lanka in Asia Cup final was more due to youthfulness of the team and that should have been mentored and I think Sachin was perfectly needed at that time atleast he could have told Sehwag for that matter whole team how to play a unknown quantity in thw world cricket for Sachin would have played loads of new bowlers(although mendis is a rarity).

My Heart's Voice: Being a Indian and A Tendulkar lover I would love that he should hang his boots in 2011 after winning the 2011 World Cup as a Player of Tournament.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Download Punjabi/Hindi MP3 Songs

(Thanks Note: Thanks to Nannu.info wallahs for doing this great service do visit them)

This line on most web pages have take a toll on me. I am a ardent music lover and whenever I am on the lookout for some songs I Google them (If I could not find them on the music websites that I know) and then these kinds of lines greet me and when I browse nothing substantial comes. It takes ages to find a song which is not ultra-common or latest. So for that matter I would be pasting the links of various songs that I likes to listen on this page direct download link from sendspace or rapidshare or mediafire on whatever I can lay my hands on. More than you I am doing this for myself so that I can find them in future if I am not on my lappy ... would be great if you can submit your links also. No registration, no waiting time and download complete album in one go in MP3 format.
So here I will start .. Click on the links and Welcome to the world of Music. You can Post your demands also as good music comes free over here without any hassles.

1. Download Rambo MP3 Album by Jazzy B (Punjabi Music)

Part 1 (6 songs)
Part 2 (5 songs)

Password: nannu.info

2. Download Admission MP3 Album by Amar Arshi Sudesh Kumari feat by Narinder Jot
(Punjabi Music)

Complete Album Download (10 Songs)

Password: nannu.info

3. Download Ik Vaari aa ke mil jaa MP3 Album by Kartar Ramla Sukhwant Sukhi Old is Gold
Special Attraction Songs Ran Botal Wargi (Original), Modi Baba Dang Waleya, Kach De Glass Vargi

Part 1(9 Songs)
Part 2(8 Songs)

Password: nannu.info

4. Download Singh is Kinng MP3 Album Bollywood Movie Album starring Akhsay Kumar, Katrina Kaif featuring songs by Mika Singh, Labh Janjua, Daler Mehndi, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Hard Kaur, Snoop Dog

Part 1(6 Songs)
Part 2(6 Songs)

Password: nannu.info

5. Two very good Punjabi Songs Club DJ Hits

Bhinda Aujla : Yaar Glassy

Amrinder Gill : Dil Tutda

6. Download Boot Polishan MP3 Album by Punjabi Living Legend Gurdas Mann (Gurdas Maan). Excellent 5 star album. A must for music lovers.

Complete Album Download

01-Boot Polishan - 4:48 - 4.41 MB
02-Challi - 5:55 - 5.42 MB
03-Cycle - 5:20 - 4.89 MB
04-Dillan De Jaani - 7:48 - 7.15 MB
05-Bhagat Singh - 4:36 - 4.22 MB
06-Sakhiye Saheliye - 4:52 - 4.46 MB
07-Taare Gawah Ne - 6:01 - 5.51 MB
08-Maape - 6:08 - 5.63 MB

7. Download Hashar MP3 Album by Punjabi superstar Babbu Mann (Babbu Maan). Check out the Desi lyrics.

Complete Album Download

Password : nannu.info

8. Download Avengi Ja Nahin MP3 Album by Punjabi saint Singer Rabbi Shergill.

Complete Album Download

Password : nannu.info

9. Download Tere Naal Nachna MP3 Album by Sukhbir. Look for the newer version of his old songs.

Part 1(7 Songs)
Part 2(6 songs)

Password : nannu.info

(Thanks Note: Thanks to Nannu.info wallahs for doing this great service to music lovers. do visit them for more.)

Sports Unlimited !!

Last month (for cricket it's 24X7) or so have seen a loads of sporting activity and interestingly all sports have been of my liking from Euro '08 to Indian cricket & French Open as well as Wimbledon to F1. Strangely all the teams I supported have gone to the finals so a satisfying feel is there. In F1 I have been a big fan of Michael Schumacher's Ferrari from the days even when I didn't watch the F1. Now even though Schumi has left the scene but I still cheer for his Ferrari legacy. Now that Massa is leading the board as well as Ferrari is on top of teams leader board that is satisfying. Now I am awaiting the Sunday's showdown in Britain given that Massa crashed in the pre-race practice session. Moving over to Euro Germany has been my favourite from the earlier times I liked Germany for not so football reasons. My reason for their liking has been the spirit with which they rose after second world war disaster and another reason has been that East as well as West Germany crossed the Berlin wall and became a one country again(Pakis & Indians learn something .. at least we can live peacefully). This appreciation for them turned into my love for there sporting teams or personalities from there hockey to football teams and then to Schumacher and then tennis legends Steffi Graf (My favourite Men's tennis player has been Andre Agassi and Women's was Steffi Graf ... I always wanted them to be one even before they married and somehow by chance they married each other) & Boris Becker. Then in football I loved Oliver Kahn and now current favourite is Michael Ballack. I was saddened when they lost to Spain in the finals but that what is sports and even though Germany was not at its best in the Euro still they reached finals and I am proud of that as there staunch supporter. In tennis I dearly want Fedex to complete his Grand Slam by winning the French Open but I guess for the moment Rafa is the undisputed king of clay which was clear from his ruthless beating of Federer in the French Finale. Anyway cometh the Sunday and it is again Fedex VS Rafa and it is the Federer's part of season with Wimbledon title in the offing and US open title in the waiting. Women's part in Wimbledon is not on for me with Sharapova and Ivanovic both missing the finals. Ohh!! I am a Indian and it can't end without Cricket ... some call it our pseudo religion. The loss in the Kitply Cup Final when the Indian win was a foregone conclusion even in the minds of Pakistani Team was a rude shock but that is Indian Cricket team for you they will never win when you expect them to win surely. Now in the Asia Cup finale is on Sunday between India & Sri Lanka (we can't replace them with Pakistan ... can we go for sms poll?). Edge is squarely with Lankan tigers with Mendis playing as a unknown weapon and Jayasuriya-Sangakara duo in prime form(actually to me it looks age doesn't matter to Jayasuriya). I am firmly hoping that UV (Apna Yuvraj yaar) would fire big time in the final. Watch out!! So the build up to the Super Sunday has been quite phenomenal with my favourites India, Massa and Fedex all in the reckoning but with odds are stacked against all of them. I hope my support will turn the tables on them. After finishing this I will sit and prepare myself for Beijing '08 with a prayer for Tibetan cause. Am I sounding philanthropic ?? Don't say that I am serious. Com'on Sunday for now.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Another attempt: Some Punjabi Folk Songs

Hello Friends who are looking for lyrics of Punjabi folk songs which are sung on various occasions like marriages(Shaadi, Vyaah), birth and other celebration times. I would be putting up lyrics of many more songs in the coming time till then enjoy these two lyrics. Also have a look at the earlier attempts on Punjabi Boliyan

Saada Cheeriyan Da Chamba

Saada Chidiyan da chamba veh
Babul aahsah uudh jana
Saadi lambi udaari veh
Babul kehde des jaana

Tereyaan mehlaan de vich vich veh
Babul guddiyaan kaun khede
Meriyaan khedan potariyan
Dheeye ghar jaa aapne

Tereyaan mehlaan de vich vich veh
Babul charkha kaun kattey
Meriyaan kattan potariyan
Dheeye ghar jaa aapne

Tereyaan bheediyan gallian de vich
Babul dolla nahiyo langda
Ik itt phuttaah dehwa
Dheeye ghar jaa aapne

Mehndi Nee Mehndi

Mehndi nee mehndi
Mehndi nee mehndi
Aaj raal ke laawan aayian nee
Bhehnaa the Bharjayiah

Ambi da butha vehde lavey
Maali ghairan dee cholee pavey
Tenu aap sajavan aayian ne
Bhehnaa the Bharjayiah

Beh gayian saakhiya char chupherey
Rondiyan akhyian haas deh chehreh
Tenu dholi pavan aayian ne
Bhehnaa the Bharjayiah

I will be coming up with many more. Would appreciate if you can contribute. Thanks to Jaspal for her invaluable contributions.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

How to select a wife for yourself?

Till now and still marriages have been a occasion for me to dance eat, and drink lavishly and not to think about anything … but few days back I got a chance to be privy to the process of selection a bride for my friend. My friend (Raghaw) has been looking for her match for quite a time now and now the pressure was mounting on him to zero in on lucky one. Then this Sunday he went to see her could-be partner and came back and then there was a discussion with other friend (Abhishek Dubey, all credit to him for enlightening us). We went to our favorite evening spot and got our regular cans and then this discussion followed and I would present a summary of it for the future grooms looking for there dream girl. Some things might look like Marwadi Baniya but they are not intended to be so. First advise for the would be grooms is to get a nice little designer notebook and note down all the parameters that would be a crucial for deciding the bride.

1. Whether she should be working or not? (Why not!! Even Ambanis need working ones otherwise you will have to watch saas-bahu serials with them .. terror. Plan about it in advance that would you be able to fulfill your future needs with your own paycheck or would you need additional one. Would it be okay with you if she ever rises above you in the hierarchy if you are from same field. Due to this reason it is considered to be a thumb rule that working partners should be from different fields of work)

2. How is her attitude? (You will need 2-3 meetings to decide on this like whether she walks behind you or in front of you, she can eat what you like or not she is of progressive nature or not. Look for what perceptible changes are there in her behavior from first to third meeting and then decide for yourself.)

3. She is good looking or not? (Here is the catch!! Most of the Indians boys always select in the way that what would his friends think of his wife as whether she is good looking or not!! Never do this even in your dreams. Always think whether you like her not and in most cases if she is good looking than you then there is a case to be taken forward. It is you who are to live with her not your friends!!)

4. Her Family and back ground? (I would advise that one should always pay a visit to her home alongwith the family for by spending 2-3 hours over there you can get a clue that she has been brought up in what kind of atmosphere and whether that is acceptable to you. For example If a girl is working in IT sector in Bangalore then there are good chances that her living style over in Bangalore can be different from her hometown say Bhatinda and in long run how she lived and did in Bhatinda will come out. Have a good interaction with her family members also.)

5. Whether she can fit in various stages of your life? (What’s that!!? Let me explain it to you. We can divide the life of groom into three stages. (18-24) when the feeling of dying for each other and I LOVE YOU is paramount. In today’s world these 6 years are missing because marriage happens at the age of 24-25. Next stage is from (24-34) when the sexual pleasure with your wife is of paramount importance for you. Then comes phase of (34-May You Live Long) when one looks for spiritual peace from his partner as well as her help for building a happy home. Now before deciding always look that you are at what phase of life and whether your would be partner can give you a sense of fulfillment in all the stages. You can change the period or span of all the stages according to your condition but be true to yourself in the assessment.

6. How much dowry can her family give or you want? (Com’on man it is a moral crime. I can’t help you in it.)

All these things were discussed to find his bride so I just jotted it down. My friend has almost found his ideal partner and most probably in december I would have another chance to dance, eat and drink all the way.

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