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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

hailing harbhajan.....

huuurrrraahhhhhhhh india won the cracker of a contest....
kudos to indian and england team for making a joint effort in this indian win otherwise no body could explain losing from 117/3 in 20 overs does pitch turned hostile in 1 over and harbhajan regained his guile in gap of 3 overs. now it luks to be a another 5-2 or 6-1 result comin
(not 7-0 indians are generous host). again nobody could explain if india dont win world cup after such displays.... although year is a long time in cricket but why should not we dream of world cup after defeating sri lanka, south africa, pakistan, england( possibly) on the trot and in a resounding fashion... n left is australia possibly everybody from commentators to the aam public evry1 is bettin that aussies are going to be displaced from the driver seat...
on harbhajan i have been his fan due to his acts of reviving indian cricket in 2001, due to his being a punjabi , n time and again showing the material the punjabis are made of now after his mesmerizing performance i think people will understand my point better. on his performance. if starting from srilankan test series he won match of the match in one of the tests and was wonderful in the series..was most economical in lankan one dayers.. remarkable in african series... was worse in pakistani series(yaar afterall he played two test on i can bet flatest tracks). was offcolour in 1st two test of england series... was lookng good in 3rd test. so if we count he performed well in 15 matches n bad in 5 matchs of his last 20 matches. will any person in best of senses would drop such a player... hopefully not .. n anyway he could have won us the mumbai test had dhoni latched on that stumping and feilders could have held those lollypops....got it!

n on personal front alok n vimal had seen a good match i missed it huu.. vimal told that pieterson was simply walking n hoicking our express bowlers... feeling bad to have missed such a " " stuff.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Loadz of dilemma .......... is the kind of state i am going thru.. first papa is comin in the afternoon n due to that i m not able to go with alok n vimal for watching india-england one dayer at kotla.... its very hard to miss i tell u.... then i have to skip a trip to agra on the personal reasons .... again very hard for a loafer like me.... n now there is a marriage of a cousin on 3rd april and i have somehow got my minor exam on that date also..... and then the big daddy of all the dilemmaz ... i m still not clear about my future planz.... its a very peculiar situation to be in... hoping that i will tackle it somehow how about giving minor a skip..... all valuable sugestions are welcome.....

Monday, March 27, 2006

"our Sonia, Mother Sonia" "S for Sonia, S for sacrifice" all these kind of bla bla slogans are hogging the headlines these dayz. this shows that our country is starved of honest(if she is) politicians.. we have been used to lalooz, swamiz, raoz n all that scandalous leaders havin eaten all the roads, fodder, bridges ammunition.. soldier's coffins( list wil never end) ... question is why our country is always entangled in this funny situation where one party always tries to put other in the dock and that party always tries too drive mileage of that condition and somehow allso gets it through the different sacrifices. the poblem is the mindset of common man
it defeats manmohan singh in general election and allows laloo to rule for more than a decade. common man should think that he should choose the person who can get them to the heights of economic and moral heights than plunge them into the depths of darkness...
n on sonia gandhi.. she is turning out to be a politican which not even a single indian could ever have thought her to be a. morally she is above the pack... she is turning into a silent killer...delivering deadly punches.. if she is doing it with honest feelings, which time will tell, then she is in for long innings... there will lot of swarajz , jaitleyz but they will all fall by side if sonia is able to hold her own in the glut of all old and hopefully corrupt congressmen..
"Honesty is the best Policy". hopefully this saying now will regain its category from joke to a truth again..
i m ending this blog here.... as it's 2 am... time to sleep...

As i am writing my first blog so discrepencies are bound to creep in. So i am hoping a favourable response from readers and suggestions for the improvment.
I will like to start with cricket (i sleep, eat , walk cricket). these days disscussion on sehwags fitness is topping all the tabloids. everybody is trying in one's own right to make sehwag fit for the first one-dayer... but in the hindsight it is showing shortsightedness on the part of everybody involved... are we so dependent o sehwag that we are ready to play him somehow even if he is half fit and some of the younger and fitter guns are made to sit out... somebody from raina , venu is going to sit out... even when they have proved them in the practice match against england.... we are caring injured tendulkar in the team since srilankan series and result is there to see injured and non performing assest. injuries have to be the blessing in disguise most profound example being michael hussey coming in the place of injured langer and now averages above 70 + in both forms.
we as a nation are a star struck nation. this might be the case with board and sponsors. think of batting lineup without tendulkar,ganguly n sehwag ... if this is the absentee list then this money minting lineup might dry up and empting the coffers of board , nimbus , etc.. think of it.

how a businessman(nimbus boss) who have paid something in the range of 612 million dollars allow a batting lineup without sachin sehwag gangs... get on the field...afterall it is a business. afterall nobody likes to c gambhir n xyz opening up againt hoggard and flintoff..

on personal front hoping to c a cracker of a contest....

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