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Monday, April 30, 2007

Village called "Chauke"

My village is named Chauke situated some 15 kilometres from Maur Mandi and same distance from Rampura Phul. It falls in district Bhatinda of state Punjab (India). It has population of around 13000 with voting population of 7000. Making it one of "Big Four" villages of the constituency "JOGA". It has got Government Higher Secondary School as well as Primary School along with many private schools which are coming up. Alongwith Dispensary and Anaaj Mandi (Grain Market) village has a Big Stadium. It has 3 bustops to cover each corner of the village and a Petrol Pump has also come up in the village. A newly 66 KV Power station has also started working from the January 2007 which has given this a village an additional advantage. Village boasts of 2 Gurudwara Sahibs, A Masjid and Temple along with revered Shiv-dwala. Then there are two deras namely Dera Baba Dunna G and Dera Baba Bulla G. There is a Youth club in the village along with Patwar-Khana(Place for Patwari).
Alongwith this the village panchayat consists of 11 Panches under the Sarpanch. Some of the Big names of the village Include:
1. Jathedar Hardial Singh (Chairman Sugar Mill Bhatinda)
2. Late Jathedar Harnek Singh
3. Sardar Mithoo Singh (Ex- Sarpanch)
4. Er. Baldev Singh Sran (XEN PSEB)
5. Rustam-E-Hind Pehlwan Jagdish Singh Bhola

This village has long history of infighting. There are two groups one is Akali and another is rebel Akalis, every election is accompanied by some brutal clashes. This village has another jewel in it's crown that off being a village known for illegal production of desi wine and AFEEM.

Another Secret: Your's truly is the first IT Enggineering graduate of the The village!!

Kindly give your thought's about what can I add into this post to make it more comprehensive!! Thanks.

2 reactions:

Jiwateshwar Singh said...

na bhaji tusi kadee afeem vaare dasya nahi.

Alok said...

something interesting..? i knew you had tales of elections, of laid back life style, ..stories of some cute girl ..pehla tv, pehla car or something of that sort, something different, there has to be...

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