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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

H1B quota Filled!!

H1B visa quota was filled on the 1st day itself. Why so fast? That’s the question heard in “Greek chorus” from employers, job seekers*like me), and kibitzers(who want to chat or converse) on learning that the H1B visa quota for fiscal year (FY) 2008 had been reached as of the first day of H1B filing, April 2, 2007.
As you know, H1B is the working visa for professionals of all stripes desirous to […]

Again when I laid my hand onto something some problem arose. Is not it so bad? Don't I deserve a peacful victory?

Will the quota Increase? Will my application get selected? It is all in God's hand. HE is Almighty.
I will not lie! I have not been able to sleep well for the first time in my life. Never had I been under so much pressure! Why I am under pressure I cann't answer exactly! I am left with only two signs '!' & '?' !

For the first time in my life I am fighting for some QUOTA? I can understand why this word is so controversial and important!

I know when my mummy papa chacha bua g everybody my friends are praying for me I will get through this storm to a better move towards a better and certainly adventurous tomorrow!

"Waheguru apne iss chotey jehe bhagat te Mehar wala hath rakheen"

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