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Thursday, August 02, 2007

What Happened !!

As not expected Sanju got jailed for 6 years. As expected Tears came, heart sobbing, khana acha nahi laga, could not sleep ... Aisa kuch bhee nahi hua !! Life kept on moving at it's snail pace, for Team India won on the same day so winning or loosing is all a part of life. I told Bapuji(Dadaji) that Sanjay Dutt was jailed for 6 years. He didn't knew who the Sanjay Dutt is. I told he was convict in Bombay Blast case. Bapuji said cost of lies of hundreds of people is only 6 years of prison!! I said he kept only AK-** & pistol with him & didnot knew about the blast & narrated him the whole story!! He said "Putt tussi hajey bache hon .. khadkoo ohdey gharey aaye te ohnu pata nahin k ohh kee karan wale ne" (Son, you are still a child, terrorists came to his home and he did not knew what they were planning). Discussion ended with this. Then I thought bapuji may be right.

Then Papa came same discussion started arguments flowed He said "yaar bandey nu reeha keeta jaa sakda c!! Par maybe ehnu jail honi zaroori c, kyonke ehh role model hai te tuhadi generation nu ehh message milna chahida hai k bura kaam karke banda bach nahin sakda " (Yaar, Man could have been left!! But maybe this sentence was also important to pass the right message to you generation .. Who could be a better person than the person whom the whole Gen-X considers to be there role model !!)

But any how life doesn't end with this. But I guess Sanjay posses a great gene pool. He will sail through this tide successfully !! But fir bhee ek pal k liye dukh toh hua hai ... banda apna saa feel hota hai !! I guess Papa has got the right mix of me and Bapuji.

On the lighter side papa bole k yaar banda kaa pet nikal k aa raha tha Munna bhai lagey raho mein mota lag raha tha ... Banda 4 din aandar rahega toh style wapis aa jayega ..... Bande mein baat toh hai !!

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