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Monday, April 23, 2007

Artist with Bat & My Smile!!

Around 96-97 my father used to sing "Lara Lagey Pyara" in his usual punjabi carefree style. I thought what a waste of voice. Papa told me he would not have been into cricket after the end of Kapil's Devilz but for Brian C. Lara and Shane Warne. I thought maybe. Then in due course of time I also developed interest in the game and for sheer coincidence my favourite star's were also Shane Warne for obvious reasons and Brian Lara because he showed "The Great Chucker" M. Muralidaran(as I hate Muralidaran a lot) his due place. After sometime Glen McGrath completed my happy Trio. Now I am happy that I liked players who are real champions and are retiring at the peak of there career, while the mere mortals are still slugging it out. Mr. Tendulkar take a clue.
From my side "Papa, Lara Mainu V Lagey Pyara"
For the time being Bye Bye Lara You are the Greatest of my times. Best of Luck to you. Thanks for the entertainment.

Still no update on my H1B status is available. Hopefully and according to the current estimates this will be clear by Mid of May. Prayers are still on.

Now Personal one. Main Baar Baar Sharma kyun Jaata Hoon? While I was watching 'Just Married' starring Fardeen Khan & Esha Deol alone in the room, a scene came when Fardeen was trying to be cozy with Esha deol on the first night of there honeymoon but esha was not ready and she was hesitant. I was kind off embarassed due to the above situation and I paused the movie and left the room with a embarassed smile. Why I behaved like this? Mere dost jab bhee mere saath kayee baar aisi waisi baat karte haan toh main sharma jaata hoon. There are moments when this thing happens to me and not everytime this happens. But Why these moments? May be I will never get a answer to it!

Another Secret: Some of my Beard's Hair are turning white.

Bye ... and consider the thing below (Specifically Intended for some people & in general to all)

Often we forgive someone, but do not forget it. We account it and also give ourselves a pat on our back for forgiving "those who wronged us". It's not forgiving alone, but forgetting it as well that makes healing possible. Starting today, cultivate forgiveness in your own life and observe the learning that comes through it.

"Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind. Use it carefully my friends."

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