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My Current Time

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Some "times"

Hello Everybody I am back to what I like doing best. Thinking and Writing. First people remember you by the deeds you have done. I got the example when I was going to chandigarh for some passport related work, I was supposed to catch the bus from rampura phul. While I was standing at the bus stand a classmate of my father who is Bus stop Incharge at rampura phul came. I greeted him and told him that I was on my way to chandigarh as I am in a hurry to complete my work by afternoon. Then he told me that "chautala aa rahi hai". I was confused by this line. Suddenly a superfast bus came and stopped over there to pick up the passengers then I understood the whole story that because OP Chautala started superfast buses in his regime in haryana that is why Haryana Roadways are always refered outside haryana as chautala. Hahahahaha.

Rest the life for last some time has been topsy turvvy, sometimes I am on the top and another second the masterly TIME overrides me. But finally I think I have found the cure for my laziness and wake-2-eat attitude.
In one line RAM NIWAS ASAWA still remains a mystery to me the more I am trying to solve more I get entangled in it.

Rest I had landed up a job with software firm First-Tek in New Jersey. This will surely put my life into some sort of Gear. I will be starting my Java coaching classes in a day or two.Rest major thrust for the time being will be on JAVA & HEALTH.

In the meantime Jiwateshwar Singh has left for australia for his master's, Abhishek Dubey has got the job with NIIT technologies, Munish Sikka has got admission in IIFM Bhopal, Alok is entering into 2nd year of his Management Program. Abhishek Vimal in all probability is going to be my Comrade-in-arms to The States.
So the Worldly breathing has started and the end to life has come. In a true sense to me I have lived my life.

"Us intzaar se koi gila nahin, jiske baad tum mil jao"

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