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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I wept!!

I am on a break from this blogging to concentrate on my career for the time being, but suddenly I heard a old song sung on the occasion when the Doli leaves. So in this song the girl says somethings to the Kahaar's her brothers and relations. Yaaro meri aankhon mein aansu aa gaye I literally wept, by just thinking of the moment.
This folk song has been rendered the immortal voice by immortal Gurdas Maan.

Anyway I will try to write the lyrics here:

ajey kaharo doli naa chayo
waqt ne aauna anahin
o bandeyo parat ke aauna nahin
peki gallyian vichad chaliya,
parat ke aauna nahin,
ve sadke parat ke aauna nahin,

amdi de jaya ve sir mera dhak le -2
veera v sohneya jaandi nu ek vaari dak le-2
asli malik dukan aaye kisey chudauna nahin,
main sadke parat ke aauna nahin
ajey kaharo v doli naa chayo
waqt ne aauna nahin
o bandeyo parat ke aauna nahin....

maye nee maye bhul main keeti -2
aagle safar dee tyaari naa keeti -2
hun bandh karle baareeyan boohey kise satauna nahin
main sadke parat ke aauna nahin
ajey kaharo v doli naa chayo
waqt ne aauna nahin
o bandeyo parat ke aauna nahin....

aadhi v raati jhakhad jhulna -2
isra-eel ne ghar nayee bhulna-2
Bohdak ronak mele chadney kisey bulauna nahin
main sadke parat ke aauna nahin
ajey kaharo v doli naa chayo
waqt ne aauna nahin
o bandeyo parat ke aauna nahin....

naa kar teri meri oye bandeya -2
duniya mitti dee dheri o bandeya
belliyan yaaran saath naa dena kisey ne kaam aauna nahin
main sadke parat ke aauna nahin
ajey kaharo v doli naa chayo
waqt ne aauna nahin
o bandeyo parat ke aauna nahin....

Mail me to get the original song sung by Gurdas.

Friday, May 11, 2007

With Love, From You To Me.

Hello Friends, I had stamping of 15 june, 1984. A very happy day in the life of my near & dear one's. Same day is again approaching just li'l over 1 month left. Never had I celebrated it in grand small or big scale. Every time it passes peacefully maybe due to the fact that in villages there is as such no emphasis on birthday's, maybe it falls in summer break(Very hot time in north India), maybe ... list is long. Let's not get into this. So never have been I bombarded by the gifts or sweets or sweet kisses on my sweet cheeks. Anyway time is gone for those kisses. Now only kisses would be given by my sweet mommie or poppy dear or maybe 1 or 2 diabetic relatives. Anyway as of now, for the first time I am going to project or campaign for securing gifts on my birthday and would be looking if somebody is going to give me some gift. As it is not the time to be hoping for getting cadbury's pack or stylish geometry box or things like that ... So greedily I am putting my list here, If you want to give me a gift I am longing for please select one of these

  1. The 9/11 Commission Report
  2. Steve Waugh's autobiography
  3. Khushwant Singh's Sex, Scotch and Scholarship
  4. Khushwant Singh's Train to Pakistan
  5. Khushwant Singh's My Bleeding Punjab
  6. Hillary Clinton's autobiography
  7. Salman Rushdie's Shalimar The Clown
  8. Salman Rushdie's Step Across The Line
  9. Pinjar by Amrita Pritam
  10. Novel's In Punjabi By Great Poet's of Punjabi (Nanak Singh, Gurdial Singh, Anyone of your choice will do)
  11. Some Eternal Love story
This list is as off now, keep looking for something good and I will also be updating my list. Bookmark this post And off course, No gift can be bigger than a sweet kiss on my sweet Cheeks by a Sweet Chik.

Abhishek's Application is selected!!

Congratulation's Abhishek, for his application has been selected in the lottery of USCIS. This has come as a big relief to me for I was feeling under pressure by making him join H1B rat race as his other options were cut due to this thing. He dropped his MBA or any other plan's due to this and this thing scared me what if his application is not through? Now he is almost through, that is big enough relief, I will be fully relieved when mine's application will also be cleared. Congrats Mate and enjoy to the hilt. My prayers have been half answered and half are still pending. Hey Lord!! Get me Onboard also!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

For Once & All

I want to put forth my opinion on cricket for once and all. As I keep getting into same controversy or discussion time and again. I think I have talked logic all the time.
Greg Chappell - What wrong has this Gentleman done? He was just trying too make India free of it's cancer namely Saurav Ganguly. How is Frustrated Sunil Gavaskar pointing his finger towards him when he was there in the committee at the first place which appointed Greg Chappell. Did not we know in advance that Greg Chappell will work as a Headmaster for he was Australian Great. What is wrong in making Indian Players physically fit by putting them through rigorous drills? What is wrong in making a team play as a team by riding it off it's star power, otherwise this Indian team just resembled Real Madrid full off star power without common aim!! What is the point behind saying that Foreign Coach cann't be successful with Indian team. Team without coach won world cup in 1983, it reached final in 2003 with a foreign coach. Was there a a Indian coach behind two biggest & successful Campaigns in Indian cricket? Well done Greg Chappell, You have shaken up this Board of Cricket Controversy in India.
Saurav Ganguly - What a selfish player? It is tragedy people are still backing him to be captain or even to be in the team? Even the selector's know that he played for himself in the World Cup, even then he is in the Indian Team. Selector's are on record that Saurav and Sachin wanted India too perform badly under Rahul Dravid and they wanted captaincy!! These Greats have ditched the whole Blue Billion !! This cancerian with true cancerian traits has been true too his colour's !! Culprit holding his head high for scoring runs in world cup of sixes at his test match strike rate.
Sachin Tendulkar - This master balster from mumbai wanted to hold his country too ransom by weeping in the public for some comments by Greg Chappell which Chappell never made. Your game is going to be over Sachin. I know you are still capable off delivering the killer punch but not with this dirty mind playing tricks for bringing down Rahul Dravid. Wake up I think you have found a bad company in Saurav Ganguly. Separate yourself from the chaff. I admired you but not anymore ! You are a cuprit also.
Rahul Dravid - I have been a big fan of this Gentleman and I am his fan till date irrespective of the results. People used to say that he should be aggressive and I used to defend his style as all successful captains were not aggressive. But I think he should have been aggressive for he should have fought tooth and nail for keeping Saurav out off this pack, for Saurav worked as a spoiled apple. Do what Jayawardene did too Atapattu. Otherwise I guess everything is fine.

Then the mere mortals like dhoni, yuvraj etc etc are just fine they don't have much of a role to play in the dis balancing of this team. This is the last time I am discussing cricket like from now onwards it is just another game.

The biggest culprit in this game is the Indian fan. We have killed this game by putting too much price prestige & importance on this game. Lets start enjoying and loving this game not only players. Winning and loosing is a part off game, which should be accepted in right spirit and with gracious enough attitude. We cann't expect Bangladesh to remain minnows in this game for too long, they have come off age accept it and there is no shame in loosing to eventual finalists. But we should not have caved in the way we did, it should not be a abject surrender.
Mantra should be "Watch it and forget it"

Happy to see Indian hockey team qualifying for the Semi-final of some big tournament hopefully will also qualify for final's as the semi's is against not so impressive Malaysia.

As such still there is no update on my H1B application. Will keep it updated.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hello Friends, Jeeva I wish that if your words could be true, "physcially. just hope if we cud all end up in the same city. sabkee shaadi hogee, beevian hongee, then weekends par family get together hongae. our wives will sit in the kitchen cookin and we wud be in the garden under the moon havin beers. uff. kaash yeh ho sakta. pity aint it”
Magical Words, about beevian I cann't say but I could sacrifice everythinng for sharing that moment in the garden with you guyz. It is pity that we can only yearn for these moments. Rest after feeling nostalgic about the "JIIT feeling" I have found out some good lines too remember those Good old times, Will be greatful too you Jeeva if you could put these words in English or hindi !!

"Hostel de vich kathey hokey jashan manaun deeyan,
Bathroom dee tootee thalley gaaney gaun deeyan,
Sabun laggi paani khatam te raula paun deeyan,
Mailey collar powder paakey Mail chupaun deeyan,
Jadd vee maavan haath dee pakki mooh vich paun geeyan,
Mess deeyan ohh rukheeyan sukeeyan chetey aaungeeyan,
ohh gallan chettey aaun geeyan."

"bada lutaaf tha bada mazaa tha college kee canteen mein,
chappan bhog kee khusboo the thodi c woh namkeen mein,
aur kaise hero lagtey the hum fatee purani jean mein,
Ishq mein tere tyagin thee main naa 13 mein naa 3 mein,
devdas se ban jaatey the ladki ke har scene mein."

Rest still no update on H1B visa application, Now the probability off receiving the communication about the status is on all time high!! Will keep it posted here.
Till Then keep me in your thought's.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Me-Papa & Me-Friends

Woke up in the morning and by chance my hand landed on my cellphone!! there was a message from papa!! Other than usual hello hi it had a usual daily newspaper thought for me "Beyond mountains there are mountains again." I pressed button for back and saw that he has sent another message which was followed by another thought "Hard worker 'CAN' realiZe his potential, but a Genius 'SHOULD' realiZe it". I guess I slept again. What a shame!! but the day I will succeed Papa it will be "for & due" too you not for some Lance Armstrong or XYZ business man.

In continuation (I guess tribute is better) too Jeeva's Diamond:
Kya din the bhai college ke. Sahi boloon toh tab bhee Papa ke ek thought aaya tha somewhat like this "One should 'L'ive the Moment, As the Success in life is all about 'L'iving one moment after another."

We had a bottle of Signature went all the way too Agra too find a place to drink and enjoy it. In minor examinations I waited for all the night ke kab exam time aayega aur hum log usse pehle will dance on "Paraan hoja sohniye, saddi rail gaddi aayee". Dubey, you & Sikka stand testimony too this!! Abhishek ke woh dialogue yaad aatey haan ke uske papa ne usse kaha hai in DDLJ style "ke jaa apni jawani ke saath meri jawani bhee jee ke aa beta". Kya pakata tha baap. Woh last sem yaad hai kya jab (RDB) release huee thee, kya mazaa tha janab, "bhain dee takee sab beer daa kasoor hai", yeh toh tum nahin bhool saktey!! mast peetey the aur dialogue the "tu toh mera yaar hai, ghar taak chodunga." Jeeva tum pata nahin pehley din se friend par baney aake last semester mein!! Alok woh six yaad hai jo leg side pe maara tha collge ground mein match mein! uske baad kitni mazaa aayi thee!! hope tumhein woh chotti c khushi yaad hogi.
Lets recollect those golden moments and share between us.
I have got something from everyone too remember!!

Himanshu bhai & lovely Sikka have gifted me my Bachelor's degree. Abhishek Vimalz red diary!!
Alok you gave me precious wintry nights laced with your thought's. Dubey you are left without any 'pleasant' gift!! Joking brother you taught me too fight and face the problems by living with them!! I learnt that I can befriend all the obstacles.
And Yaaro Punjabi haan taan
"Jeeva, the scotch bottle you gave with a Peg in it is still with me!!" and hoping that I gave everybody a place too invest there emotions and "A Smile".

I am feeling the rush off adrenaline....

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