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Saturday, July 22, 2006

"My Childhood"

Me writin after a long time could not get time to post ... actually gud news for me. Should I break it out? A stranger, now well wisher from Nawanshaher, Punjab has asked me about my phone number as he wants to talk to me.... actually he said i write very well.... That is an acheivement....

Me for some days was thinking about my childhood days when we children with innocent smiles used to play King Queen on our self annointed Trafalgar Square of our thermal colony. Those times when I being a tall guy was a part of the gang of my seniors. They used to treat me as a novice in their group, they talked in code language like when young girl was coming from the temple they used to say that "yaar chalo mandir se mata ka parsad aa raha hai". and when I tried to enquire they used to say ke "tu ruk tere naam ka bhee bhog lagwa denge". I used to smile that they think I am fool but i understand everything.

Then that whole night planning for next day's cricket game against the team of Subordinate's Children team. I will be fighting with Monty bhaiya that give me opening slot as I can get the team to a flier. Then after sometime we revolted against seniors and threw them out of the team for they could not do anything as they were few in number.

Then I developed that image of a sober and sweet boy in the colony among aunties. My mom would tell me that some aunty praised me about my manners. (from my childhood I touch the feet of any elder and I will never shout or abuse in front of elders and I do it conciously). It hold's till now. They wanted that there children should remain in my company. Then that times when my mom would be shouting from the gate at ten in the night that come and have your dinner. Papa used to scold that why only playing, no studies? Cann't forget that night's scolding I got for playing cricket match during my 8th's state board exam finals.

Then that times when my late grandmaa (We with respect used to call him "bebe") used too scold my papa that why is he shouting at me ... "what if babbu has done something wrong... I didn't see his face after so many prayers for this day". Once papa scolded me in the morning, and went to the office and after he left my dadi packed my clothes and left for our village and warned my mother not to call papa till we got the bus. Then like every child those stories of raja rani cann't get out of mind. Then once I got our tractor in a awkward position from a height(on a high sand dume) it's one tyre was hanging in air. I fled leaving the tractor in the hanging condition then my elder uncle( chacha) got hold of me and made me to take tractor out of that condition... he slapped me and told me fact of life that nobody is going too get you out of trouble in life. It is you who has to help yourself.

Then the best thing that has happened to me is my fights with my sister (nimmi). That little fights (she used to beat and slap me) made me mild and mellow. I have never spoken in high volume to any lady till now. I did do some commenting in the college life. But I think I lost my way in the college. Once my father told me one that "There should be atleast one sister, as without her man does not know how to respect the God's another face(Women)." “I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection and mother's love.” Then as a youngster I used to write something till my 12th. I find solace in expressing myself through pen. I dream to be a great writer one day. People should remember me through my pen not sword.

These tokens of love and advice are what define my whole life till now. I can sacrifice everything I have today If somebody can return me my Childhood.

" Koi lauta woh de woh barish ka paani....."

In the end I will like to pay my homage to all the people who lost their invaluable lives in the serial blasts in Mumbai Blasts. With a prayer n my lips that may their souls rest in peace and May Lord help by giving them a place in heaven and from now on making this world a peaceful place that I once dreamt while sleeping with my bebe under the stars. "SALAAM BOMBAY"

Lehra Mohabaat - To me it means "Waves of Love"

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