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Sunday, July 23, 2006

From Kanupriya

"Kanupriya" An unknown to me has sent me the following mail. I wish if she could have posted it on my blog.... with her due consent I am putting it up here. With No Editing

"i like the way u expressed ur inner turmoil thru ur every writing ... but i sumhow dont agree wth the way u think... as in its a sad ending, somewat complainig a lament , a remorse kind of thing, but i think watever hapens , gud or bad hapens for a reason if its bad then its for our learning.... its the way one look at things happening... otherwise i really appreciate the way u pen downed and expressed wats in ur mind."

this is first wholesome reaction to my blog. other's also read ... ut this lady is first one to try to understand that why i write not what i write. Though I am in complete disagreement with him.
This is a tribute to all my initial readers... to my mentor who keeps me pushing for writing....

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