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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Delhi vs Rest

Thought about "Apni Delhi" competing with rest of the metros is crossing my mind for some days.. First Delhi has the headstart from other cities it being a national capital. rest for the time being, comparing the infrastructure Delhi is almost No.1 in the country, if any doubts, that will be laid to rest by the time commonwealth games arrive in 2010. A big chunk of infrastructure is going to be added to Delhi... most of the road's( which already are of high quality) will be relaid on cement base as said by Delhi government. Hotel industry will be the biggest gainer. A lot of new hotel's will come up to accomodate the tourists. The biggest problem that will be solved will be of water, more water treatment plants will come up, helping in solving Delhi's biggest problem. Metro has made the public transport system of Delhi No. 1 in the country. Rest all the cleanup is being done by MCD by cleaning up illegal buildings, only if human rights commision can keep away. Traffic problem is almost solved with the help of flyovers, where it still exists, according to me flyovers are coming there. Big shopping malls are coming up. another problem being faced by all metros (bombay, calcutta , bangalore) is that of congestion, which thankfully will not affect Delhi. As around Delhi -NOIDA, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad- are coming up as habitat for the people working in Delhi. Rest I think the biggest advantage Delhi has over other cities is that it has got a rich culture and heritage to take care of which all other metros devoid off or possess in small quantities. Another major improvement will be seen on the Indra Gandhi Internatinal Airport which will be completely renovated, as it will prove to be a entry pont in INDIA for the foreigners.Prosperity of Delhi is represented in the survey done recently which stated Delhi's per capita income to be more than double of the national average, highest in the country. On the security front also delhi has not been a soft target as our some other distinguished metros. If there are any doubts then that should be laid to rest as the BCCI has given the right to host the Grand Finale of the 2011 cricket world cup to Delhi.
As proved by a recent survey conducted by a national magazine Delhi's people are the politest one( Mumbai being crowned as the rudest one). Though this survey has been tarnished by celebrities residing in Bombay they have voiced their opinion against it and being celebrities their views has been aired by the news channels. Anyway it's the common people who represents the city or state not the celebrities(I think so). I take my hat off to this Delhite's never say die spirit and there effort to rise time and again from the rubble. Whether it was Ahmed shah Abdali or Pakistan's stabbing in the back... Delhi has always rose and shone. It has never been engulfed by the feeling coming out of word "mine". Though we are proud of our acheivements, but we always welcome the guests with opens arms, "aur unhein apne rang mein rang lete haan yaa unke rang mein rang jaate haan." (something mumbaikar's shiv sainiks and tamilians have failed to do). Here students coming from north south east west are never attacked nor will be.
"Wake up Delhi, A bright morning is beckoning you"
With this I will be like to sum up. Will meet you with another posting.

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alok said...

hi, nice post.
thoda sa discussion kare ??? :)

infrastructure: The basic structure or features of a system or organization.
so, some things which show a very dark face of delhi :

law n order ( not refering to threats at international level ), u can always talk of safety issues of females..safety issues at odd hours ( commmon roughly 50% of population ).

Power : i guess i do not have to present any arguments.

now when u r talking about common ppl in delhi : Manmohan Singh ( considered last honest man in congress by BJP ) lost elections from "South Delhi" ( the area in delhi i guess ).

All i want to say is, ROI on delhi is not high enough.i mean its nothing great, delhi as a nation's face is no where close to what can be benchmarked.

Now, Mumbai Survey :) conducted by Readers Digest, around 33 cities were included in the survey world wide, mumbai from india ( why not delhi, its up to us to ponder i guess ) termed mumbai as rudest, only if in the survey questions were like " do u like to share ur foood with ppl around in office n local trains", instead of do u use a "thank u" when somebody opens a dooor for u ?????
who does that in india leave delhi or bombay ?? commmon a city which earns 34% of total income tax collected in india, where do ppl have time to say thank u ?? ( i am not protecting mumbai, just for argument's sake ), another thing ...who said delhi is politest TOI, HT, HINDU ???

anyways, keeeeep it up.

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