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Saturday, June 03, 2006

looking for new b()nd

every one is leaving... leaving behind tear's in my eyes of myself being rendered alone and happiness of them being moving towards greater heights.... but i have to be truthful to myself "i am not ready to pay for their happiness.." i have nothing to remember except that: himanshu was always there to teach me in 1 hour about the majors, dubey was there to tell me that so jao ab kuch nahin ho sakta... sikka was always there to make me realize that if i am not a successful engineer that doesnot certify me as a failed human being... vimal was always there with his typical "do shabd" about life, alok "i cannt say".... always running the non existent race that whom poorvi will reply first and politely... who will have more friends...uski oscar winning performances(only he knows) cann't forget those moments when sikka was happy that i have acheived something for myself...how can i forget that meri chappal ghis gayeen himanshu bhai ke pyar mein.... ram ko "pagal" passion for success , varun always weeping in the corner.... "this man is actually wastage of flesh and "non-existent" heart"... dubey jesus! the list is growing... anyway i cann't forget that" A NEW B()ND WAS CREATED IN THE ASHES"...... May GOD help them all in scaling greater heights.....

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