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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Rahul Is a Great Motivation.

Rahul "The Wall" Dravid completed the 10 years of great service to the nation. He averages highest in international cricket in last ten years while playing abroad(Great!). It was nothin sort of acheivement to keep team calm and composed in the aftermath of "Ganguly Disaster". Actually the era n ease which rahul has created around ... is what makes him the proud of our eyes... The difference which lies between saurav n rahul or for that matter earlier captains can be gauged from the fact that when earlier went abroad we used to say Will we be able to win? now that has changed to We will be able to win.
Rahul apart from being a great player is also a great source of motivation for me , for the way he fought back after being written off as a misfit for one day cricket. He just imbibe's the feeling of never giving up if I am down n out. Also never loose your cool in the face of adversity. While reading him , hearing him I just gets the feeling which I tries to incorporate in myself is that Life is lot bigger than winning and losing but winning should not make you loose contact with ground and after loss you should not be crestfallen. I will be more than happy if i am able to get even an iota of his qualities.
Kudos to this Great Servant of Indian Cricket.

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totally agree... i m also a fan of dravid....

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