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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Learning Curves

Dard samet ke sare jahan ke,
Jab kuch naa ban saka to mera dil bana diya.
All through the last 20 days I have been alone most of the times and had enough time to think and ponder over the mistakes i have commited, the good things i missed out, about the people surrounding me, about my family, my future. Bloody everything.

Mistakes: Actually I in my heart tried to be too nice, which people dont like and somehow i think i earned the villain's(not openly) tag. Had i been voracious about what i think is good or bad that might have been better. Secondly, I in this point about enjoying about my life i lost too precious time with friends in so called enjoying. I should have limited myself about that time and put atleast half the time in studies.

Good Things I missed out: First and foremost, simple n straight I lost out on the joy of getting the job. Happiness of scoring high. If it existed then the quality time with my batchmates. Also about using four years to learn something big about computers and hopefully could have developed something. If all this could have happened then what really missed is the happiness that all this could have brought in my mama's and papa's eyes. ufff!!!!

About the people surrounding me: Ram Niwas Asawa, I trusted him like anything. But that Big Bussinessman just lost it in the end. He is the person who is now looking through just money's eye. But I cann't overlook the beautiful times I had and enjoyed with him throughout the engineering. One of the few persons who valued the emotions. He used to stand for me throughout the 4 years. But he never really valued your opinion if it is against what he is thinkng which is the primary reason for his downfall. I only wish if he could really suceed in his ventures. I would in this case really like to be proved wrong. He from the initial times has this fetish for the money. Me Bewildered. He was not what he turned out to be. I can only say "If he could have trusted anyone".
Abhishek Vimal
, in my eyes I have not seen a more dual (It means has more than one face) personality like him, but the best part about him is that his only visible part is his good one. He at times is envious of someone but through his expression's he looks to be the least concerned person about that. He don't at times think that what he is saying might be hurting someone. But he is quite a patient person. But one thing is for sure he has created a era around himself, that everyone is compelled to be attracted towards him. This person I have found out is the most eager one to roam about. Our trip to agra has been one of the happiest times I ever had. Anyway a fine dancer, par khud bhee apni degree mein kisi ke isharon pe nachtey reh gaye. I like you as you are, you don't need to add anything extra. A man with a lot of zing. I can only say "Taste it".
Alok Rajendra Agrawal, A man of few but stinging(+ve) words. I have never been with someone before who just likes and says about his mind as clearly as him. He might not be the first whom i would have walked to in my college with my problem, but i have tried to gain as much as possible from him(in connection to habits). Only person around me who is what he is. I can only say "Nice one if you can make him friend"
Abhishek Dubey, I would say I should not have been friendly or better said a freind of him, Because He is too difficult a personality for me, at times mean. He is still a mystery for me. He is the most temperamental person i have encountered but not with enough resources to support it. He speaks too much at times is unbearble and he thinks that he is too smart. That much smartness is common but he advertiss it too much. Anyway a smart guy. But jab kaam Nikalna ho toh ussey badhkar koi nahin. If I keep on praising him he will be all right, the moment I or for that anyone opens his mouth against him he takes that person as his anti. Hey man as a friends we also have the right to criticise you. Par shayar logon ka koi bharosa nahin. Winston Churchill has something to say about you “Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.” As such sanju (his nickname) is a nice person. There is nothing bad about him. personally my relation with my roommate sanju has been in turmoil for most of the times. But then that is symbol of a vibrant relation. I can only say "Be friendly at Own Risk".
Varun Roy
, Someone has censored me to write about this person.
Munish Sikka, Ahhhh now i am happy ... Sweetu, One of the two person who does not think bad about anyone. Simple and straight, will help you if there are not any constraints. I will not say anything more about him. I can only say "Just Own It".
Himanshu Singh Solanki, philosophy is his forte. Quite a helpful guy. He has too much Inside him. Hardworking. Should rely more on himself not someone another. Actually he can and he loves also. There is nothing hazardous about him. I owe a great deal to him. I can only say "Harmless".

My future: This is the biggest thing about which i am in dark. Nothing seems to be going great at the moment as oppurtunity after oppurtunity is slipping out of my hands. I need to get serious and at the moment i will like to give my GRE exam. Then moving out of this country for 10 years, after that i will ideally like to settle back in Punjab as a farmer.
Naa jane ashk se aakhon me kyon hain aaye huye,
Gujar gaya hai jamana tujhe bhulaye huye.

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alok said...

hiiiii chalo introspection always does do, if findings r implemented.
goood luck.

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