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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Save Me From This Shameless World Jesus

"We’re not afraid to talk about it. Sex wasn’t invented in a dark alley behind a porn shop. It’s part of God’s design. In fact, this may shock you but…God wants you to have GREAT SEX." Unknown

In the recent days i came across the facts that i could not beleive could be true. All the things came to fore from the controversy created by the release of hopeful blockbuster Da Vinci Code. The controversy was about the fact that movie showed that Christ was married and had sex. Church never going to agree to this and also we. Sex in the church is considered to be a sin. I was shocked by this. By orders from the Church priests even if they are married are not allowed to have sex. I was shocked by this. Church behaved as if America is not sex motivated country. I was shocked by this. We tend to beleive that some religions are more open than the other ones. But in the hindsight this illusion is created by the economic imbalances. In the cover every religion has the same blockades. I cannt help thinking it that we have plunged to these depths that we are discussing about a Divine Personality whether he had the pleasure of sex. For God sake we should leave God out of the shameless mess we humans have created around us.
Anyway looking for the clash of titans next week . FANAA vs DA VINCI CODE

"Adam ate an apple from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. It's a shame we ran out of apples." -- The Sage.

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