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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

hailing harbhajan.....

huuurrrraahhhhhhhh india won the cracker of a contest....
kudos to indian and england team for making a joint effort in this indian win otherwise no body could explain losing from 117/3 in 20 overs does pitch turned hostile in 1 over and harbhajan regained his guile in gap of 3 overs. now it luks to be a another 5-2 or 6-1 result comin
(not 7-0 indians are generous host). again nobody could explain if india dont win world cup after such displays.... although year is a long time in cricket but why should not we dream of world cup after defeating sri lanka, south africa, pakistan, england( possibly) on the trot and in a resounding fashion... n left is australia possibly everybody from commentators to the aam public evry1 is bettin that aussies are going to be displaced from the driver seat...
on harbhajan i have been his fan due to his acts of reviving indian cricket in 2001, due to his being a punjabi , n time and again showing the material the punjabis are made of now after his mesmerizing performance i think people will understand my point better. on his performance. if starting from srilankan test series he won match of the match in one of the tests and was wonderful in the series..was most economical in lankan one dayers.. remarkable in african series... was worse in pakistani series(yaar afterall he played two test on i can bet flatest tracks). was offcolour in 1st two test of england series... was lookng good in 3rd test. so if we count he performed well in 15 matches n bad in 5 matchs of his last 20 matches. will any person in best of senses would drop such a player... hopefully not .. n anyway he could have won us the mumbai test had dhoni latched on that stumping and feilders could have held those lollypops....got it!

n on personal front alok n vimal had seen a good match i missed it huu.. vimal told that pieterson was simply walking n hoicking our express bowlers... feeling bad to have missed such a " " stuff.

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