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Monday, March 27, 2006

As i am writing my first blog so discrepencies are bound to creep in. So i am hoping a favourable response from readers and suggestions for the improvment.
I will like to start with cricket (i sleep, eat , walk cricket). these days disscussion on sehwags fitness is topping all the tabloids. everybody is trying in one's own right to make sehwag fit for the first one-dayer... but in the hindsight it is showing shortsightedness on the part of everybody involved... are we so dependent o sehwag that we are ready to play him somehow even if he is half fit and some of the younger and fitter guns are made to sit out... somebody from raina , venu is going to sit out... even when they have proved them in the practice match against england.... we are caring injured tendulkar in the team since srilankan series and result is there to see injured and non performing assest. injuries have to be the blessing in disguise most profound example being michael hussey coming in the place of injured langer and now averages above 70 + in both forms.
we as a nation are a star struck nation. this might be the case with board and sponsors. think of batting lineup without tendulkar,ganguly n sehwag ... if this is the absentee list then this money minting lineup might dry up and empting the coffers of board , nimbus , etc.. think of it.

how a businessman(nimbus boss) who have paid something in the range of 612 million dollars allow a batting lineup without sachin sehwag gangs... get on the field...afterall it is a business. afterall nobody likes to c gambhir n xyz opening up againt hoggard and flintoff..

on personal front hoping to c a cracker of a contest....

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