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Monday, March 27, 2006

"our Sonia, Mother Sonia" "S for Sonia, S for sacrifice" all these kind of bla bla slogans are hogging the headlines these dayz. this shows that our country is starved of honest(if she is) politicians.. we have been used to lalooz, swamiz, raoz n all that scandalous leaders havin eaten all the roads, fodder, bridges ammunition.. soldier's coffins( list wil never end) ... question is why our country is always entangled in this funny situation where one party always tries to put other in the dock and that party always tries too drive mileage of that condition and somehow allso gets it through the different sacrifices. the poblem is the mindset of common man
it defeats manmohan singh in general election and allows laloo to rule for more than a decade. common man should think that he should choose the person who can get them to the heights of economic and moral heights than plunge them into the depths of darkness...
n on sonia gandhi.. she is turning out to be a politican which not even a single indian could ever have thought her to be a. morally she is above the pack... she is turning into a silent killer...delivering deadly punches.. if she is doing it with honest feelings, which time will tell, then she is in for long innings... there will lot of swarajz , jaitleyz but they will all fall by side if sonia is able to hold her own in the glut of all old and hopefully corrupt congressmen..
"Honesty is the best Policy". hopefully this saying now will regain its category from joke to a truth again..
i m ending this blog here.... as it's 2 am... time to sleep...

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