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Friday, April 07, 2006

hectic 7 days....

woooooooohhh... last 7 days have been one of the most hectic of my life if i count on fingers i have slept for only 15 hours have nearly danced for 30 hours beleive it.... then i have drove for nearly 35 hours in 7 days and the you can also count the 15 hours i have been on the train .... i have nearly drank 4 bottles of wine (2 bottles of mcdowwels + 2 bottles of home made n mind u it was one of the purest and strongest i ever had...) n when my bua n fufa g asked us sleep in the night and took our cd's away i threw the cd player and it was broken.. but after that we danced on the cassetee player and above all me and my cousin(bridegrooms elder brother) under the effect of wine ran away from the house at 2 o'clock in the morning. and while doing all this i have to also accomplish some personal works... it turned out to be my best marriage till date .my parents and relatives also finally came to know that i also drinks.... n we all cousins also wept after drinking we were all pouring daroo over each other and then there was that ritual of throwing money while we are dancing after rotating it over our head , under wines effect i nearly threw away 2500 rupees... i was the person who drove the brides car to our home and charged 5100 rupees from my buag for allowing the bride to get down from the car... these incidents are not actually going to end... so its all i have for now.... but yaar one thing agar papa logon ko pata ho na ke puttar peene lag gaya hai toh peene ka jo mazaa aata hai woh chup ke peene mein nahin hai!!!!!

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