Gurdas Maan "Sajna iss tann ne mukk jaana bhavein roz maalishaan kariye, Roti Haq dee khayiye g bhavein boot polishaan kariye"

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Loadz of dilemma .......... is the kind of state i am going thru.. first papa is comin in the afternoon n due to that i m not able to go with alok n vimal for watching india-england one dayer at kotla.... its very hard to miss i tell u.... then i have to skip a trip to agra on the personal reasons .... again very hard for a loafer like me.... n now there is a marriage of a cousin on 3rd april and i have somehow got my minor exam on that date also..... and then the big daddy of all the dilemmaz ... i m still not clear about my future planz.... its a very peculiar situation to be in... hoping that i will tackle it somehow how about giving minor a skip..... all valuable sugestions are welcome.....

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