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Saturday, May 20, 2006

To Limn "Harpreet Singh"

It could be one of the most difficult thing i could be doing. To describe myself as a third person. I think he is the weakest person around with a strong lechery for acheiving greater heights ... but always lacking the adequate fuel. One of the few persons around me with a geniously useless mind. He always lacks the courage to tell the truth which can hurt others. He always tries to keep the persons around him happy somehow but could not manage it every time. Sometimes his loquaciousness lands him in the trouble time and again. Someone can easily lure him with some emotional moments. But what i really like and some people dislike about him is that he has at times controlled huge amounts of anger which could have lead a lot of disasters. Have a strong beleif in relationships. While trying to hold onto most things drops most of the things. Sometimes you can bank upon him but mostly his shoulder is not there to rest upon. Loves publicity and always tries to manage a good public image. On the lighter side whenever Harpreet comes first thing to come to mind is Sardar. Loves Sunny Deol to the core. Likes to watch the Bollywood movies. A person with strong urge to have a sound health and body. Likes to dress well and sometimes also manages it. But still at times he is able to hold his own. You cannot resist HARPREET SINGH SRAN. On the darker side He Lies and also has the shades of grey.

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