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Saturday, May 13, 2006

mama's day

Today living 300 kms away from my mother for nearly 4 years i am not to express my gratitude and love for my mother who has been there at every point of time to help me get over the every obstacle i have faced. she has been always been to cover my shortcomings(i have them in plenty). she has been there waiting for me in the killing heat of summer to come back from school... to make food for me in the winter mornings when people tend to give their children money to buy food from school canteen...she was awake to see that i could sleep properly.... she was always longing for me when i was not living with her... still keeps my clothes of childhood with utter deep love...i have seen her scolding me for my increasing weight and at the same time keep giving me something to eat... i cannt forget her bribing me with 5 rupees for eating gol gappas in lieu of taking her to the vegetable market... events cumin to my mind are endless... asking me on my day of leaving for the gradution college to not to roam after girls and promising me that she will get "BASRE DI HOOR" for me.... the physical distance is bound to increase from 300 km to saat samundar but i cannot long for anyone better than my mama... while portraying her she is juss like any other mom same scolding, love n everything.... but when heralding something she has been been one of the influential personality on my life .... mama i have till now has not done anything great but i promise to make you one of the happiest mama in the world..... LUV U MAA.

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