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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Essence of Blogging !!

I am into third year of my blogging and this is apparantly the hundredth post I can surely say that I have enjoyed the journey for I only blogged when I felt like ... nothing by compulsion that somebody would be waiting for it. I would thank the readers like Rupinder Monga, Ranjit Kaur, Jaspal who really gave me some good Punjabi traditional songs, Cuckoo who tagged some of my posts ... (if she will read it) ... Jiwateshwar for discussing blog so much that I felt that if he is discussing so much then kuch toh hai !! Aalok for his support till he lost contact with the world some two months back and many others unnamed visitors. I have always feared being alone. So the worst I thought was that I would be only one visiting this and by somebody's will that didn't happen and adbrite website says that I daily get around 40 unique users to my blog. That's good enough although few more zeroes would be what I will not mind.

When I started blogging, long before Aamir Khan or Big B followed in my footsteps, my major purpose was to use this as a online diary then I found that I could express myself in a more concrete way and the way I have scanned some of the topics they brought clarity in my thoughts and I had a more structured discussions after that. For a person like me who never likes to do one thing for too long to write this blog was indeed an achievement. Some of my posts were really good and I can say with surety that they found there way to there intended readers without me promoting them. That is the power of quality writing. So have I read the relevant posts over a period of time. One real shortcoming with me is that whenever I read somebody's post I normally don't comment ... but somewhere I know & want to comment!! Any secret to add this quality although of late I have been trying this. Anyway thanks to all would be looking more and kindly come up with some suggestions to what I should do on this blog for I have loads of time these days.

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Cuckoo said...

Congratulations on your 100th post. May this blog sees 1000+ more posts. Also congrats for entering into 3rd year. In this field you are senior to me. :D

Cuckoo who tagged some of my posts ... (if she will read it) ... :-)
Why this if ?


Anonymous said...

congrats for blogging for 3 years. Keep up the inspiration. Hope you keep writing with fresh ideas and more people keep visiting your blogspot.

my blessing and support shall always be with you.

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