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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Another attempt: Some Punjabi Folk Songs

Hello Friends who are looking for lyrics of Punjabi folk songs which are sung on various occasions like marriages(Shaadi, Vyaah), birth and other celebration times. I would be putting up lyrics of many more songs in the coming time till then enjoy these two lyrics. Also have a look at the earlier attempts on Punjabi Boliyan

Saada Cheeriyan Da Chamba

Saada Chidiyan da chamba veh
Babul aahsah uudh jana
Saadi lambi udaari veh
Babul kehde des jaana

Tereyaan mehlaan de vich vich veh
Babul guddiyaan kaun khede
Meriyaan khedan potariyan
Dheeye ghar jaa aapne

Tereyaan mehlaan de vich vich veh
Babul charkha kaun kattey
Meriyaan kattan potariyan
Dheeye ghar jaa aapne

Tereyaan bheediyan gallian de vich
Babul dolla nahiyo langda
Ik itt phuttaah dehwa
Dheeye ghar jaa aapne

Mehndi Nee Mehndi

Mehndi nee mehndi
Mehndi nee mehndi
Aaj raal ke laawan aayian nee
Bhehnaa the Bharjayiah

Ambi da butha vehde lavey
Maali ghairan dee cholee pavey
Tenu aap sajavan aayian ne
Bhehnaa the Bharjayiah

Beh gayian saakhiya char chupherey
Rondiyan akhyian haas deh chehreh
Tenu dholi pavan aayian ne
Bhehnaa the Bharjayiah

I will be coming up with many more. Would appreciate if you can contribute. Thanks to Jaspal for her invaluable contributions.

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