Gurdas Maan "Sajna iss tann ne mukk jaana bhavein roz maalishaan kariye, Roti Haq dee khayiye g bhavein boot polishaan kariye"

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Friday, April 21, 2006

recounting lost days.....

uffffff... i have woken up really for the first time in the last 4 years to count what i have lost and hopefully gained.... first and foremost friends ( fast n furious ) have been a rarity , i m just clinging onto some friends .... hoping that i will somehow get control of somebody.... studies .... my very distant relative.... have been on the wrong side of my development??? sports lost all the contact with this commodity , relatives n my parents have started to luuuuv me more than ever!!!!! mother n chachi r keen on my marriage but pops is strict no no.
" Koi apna hove ja Gair hove, Rabba kise te na eh kehar hove
Yaar vichre na kadi yaar kolon, oh zindagi ke jo yaar ton begair hove"

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