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Monday, June 30, 2008

Gay Parade in New Delhi for Equal Rights

The first ever gay parade ( although better word have been Homosexual Parade for lesbians also participated along with eunuchs ) took place in New Delhi on Sunday from Regal Building in Connaught Palace to Jantar Mantar for a period of two and half hours over a distance of about 2.5 kms. Indeed I alongwith many of other guys over here are finding difficult for what to say over this topic. First of all I am of straight sexual orientation. This one is not to say that I either stand for or disapprove the notion and rights of Homosexual. We (even my generation X) have been brought up in a society where let alone to approve of this category but to even discuss them is considered to a fault/sin/mistake. But for the way in which the society has opened up in last 10-12 years and the western influence the murmurs have started and except with parents we are (almost) able to discuss this within our circle and now on such public forums. Now whether our society U Me aur Hum will approve of this is not or does this really matter whether we approve of it? In my opinion it is of importance that we as a society take a stand on it we have avoided it for centuries but we can't do it anymore in this times when we are day in and day out are speaking of human rights. Why can't a person in this free world have relationship mental or physical or spiritual with a person of same sex ? Because it's against nature ? NO. In my opinion sexual orientation of a person can't be determined by that person. Whether a person likes person of similar or of opposite sex is what comes naturally. So how can nature act against nature. In my view most of the opposition to this issue in India is due to the fact that we have been brought up with notion of this being a bad thing. Those who have been giving the call of it being not in our culture and history then for that matter we abolished sati/dowry and many other things which were part of our culture (Sati is considered correct in Rajasthani/Rajput culture) . So we should not keep beating the age old bush again and again.

In Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), which criminalizes "unnatural sex", should now be debated upon and rectified. The law, a remnant of Victorian morality, was made in 1860, when any sexual activity that was not meant for procreation was considered a sin. Now the time is ripe for the concerned people to think fresh and think right. Afterall it is there choice.

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hottie said...

I am also a homosexual. So, Just wanna add one fantasy a homo has. We are attracted to sam and we have same fantasy for a man like a straight guy has for gal. So, if you give honour and right for straight guys for being naturally attracted to gals. We should also be given same rights as we are also naturally attracted to same sex. I m a gay so attracted to other men only and not to feamle. As for straight guys men are not attractive for me gals are not. So, Where am I faulty? Nowhere.So we need to change Sec377 of Indain Penal code against Homosexuality and let it be a legal right for homoes. We are not faulty because GOD has inherently given us to be attracted only to same sex.
Plz take this note into consideration. We are also a part of u............we are also human beings,... Don't deprive our rights injusticly.........God wants us wot we are.......Plz take a note of it........any one cud be gay........Even ur child cud be born gay.....So be with us...Thanks

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