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Monday, November 27, 2006

When HE doen't want?

Ek baar 10th ke half yearly chal rahe the, toh humein by order of Punjab School Education Board Social Study kaa subject hindi mein padhay jane kaa decision hua. I was scholarly weak in hindi, so before the xam I was not able to remember anything, as the term used in civics n geography got over my head, Next day main school gaya ke mere aage jo baithta hai usey aata ho aur main usse cheat kar sakoon. Toh jaisa ke xpected tha I could not understand anything writen in the question paper. So I juss asked the person in front of me whether he knows anything, He said yes. It made me happy that I will be able too score something and pass the exam. But jaise jaise exam pass ho raha tha woh kuch dikha nahi raha tha aur bahut tez tez likh raha tha. Main thoda darr gaya aur uth ke dekha toh woh banda chit leke aaya tha aur usse dekh dekh ke likh raha tha. So I asked him ke yaar mujhe woh woh chit dede jo jo tumne use kar leen hain, usne kaha theek hai and he tried to pass the chit over to me aur uske haath bench se takra gaya aur uske haath se slip gir gayee. Teacher asked me ke what is that i told him i donot know anything. He checked me from top to bottom. No slip was found. But raman the man in front of me was sweating so teacher asked him to get and also checked him. uske pass se chit mil gayee aur woh fass gaya. He father was called next day and Raman was insulted in the assembly of the school. I to the day thank GOD that he saved me but feel for raman that he got into trouble. but that is what HE wanted.

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