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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi - Essence of Living & how do I connect to Him.

"The man who live on their own conditions and values they leave a defining mark on history." Never had I seen a person like Legendry Imran khan who has left a mark in every field he has entered. Be it a cricket field or the doldrums of politics and it can be chariy work through cancer hospital. He has handled the issue of divorce with gorgeous Jemima Khan or the case when he was accused of ball tempering by the Sir Ian Botham with immaculate accuracy. Never had I been influenced so much by the oratory power's of a person as by Khan saab. He still takes the name of his ex-mistress with same respect and dignity as he does before. Once he quoted a punjabi shayar and till date I remember those line's "Kuch shehar de lok v zaalim san, Kuch sanu v Maran daa shauq c." Translation " Somewhat people were also crazy, somewhat we also wanted to die". Whatsoever I had seen in my life, I had come to learn to learn that nothing can beat you if you are chasing your dream's. When he says " I dream, Therefore I Am.", when you hear tthis from him you come to know about the stature of a personality. You know why Imran Khan is what he is. Once labelled a casanova, is now considered a uncrowned king and only hope of Pakistan. People who live in Majhi(Past) can never enjoy there present and improve there future. When I came to my Enggineering college, I was child at my heart, enjoyment was my purpose and I lived for it and continue to live. I was a child with no Asool's(principle's) but I came across strong breed of people who tied there live's with this principle's which inevitably I also started to do under there influence. i am not against priciple's but i never got to know secret behind principle's(People never matched to them). I lost my innocence due to all this thing. I have done manything's wrong because i followed footsteps which were not mine's. I completely lost track off myself, which I am thankful as it gave a lesson to me early into my life, As Ritul Ranjan's status says "It is better to fail in originality thann to succeed in immitation." I will continue to run, chase my dreams and develop a sense of connectivity. That what I am seeing Imran Khan do for last 10 years.

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