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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Love Lost

Love for someone can be a spiritual thing, for somebody an eternal feeling, somebody take it as a wastage of time while other's think it as a another form of lust. While for me it has turned out to be a mixture of everything and another additional thing I lost was a close friend(I have always been short on them). I was never able to get my priorties right. It when I now review myself was a sudden rush of blood which gave fuel to the already burning fire which could have eventually have turned into High rising flames. I was never ready for the responsibilty that I was trying to Take upon myself. I have learnt it hard way that everything is not for everyone. But before getting into serious relationaship I think one should always look for whether The One is the person who could take it upon thyself the responsibilty of celebrating the success of other person or sharing the sorrow's which other one has while fighting with failures. I have serously found myself short of having all these qualities which are truly required to keep the relationship moving, I have seen myself as variable from being a over enthusiastic lover to a pale n bored listener. I was never able to give the time when it was seriously required. Actually to sum up all the confusion I never valued a relation which should have been of utmost importance to me. After all the thinking which has gone into my decision of walking out of the relationship the best thing that I have done is that I have been true to myself. I expressed my heart out which was also appreciated from the other end. I was freed from the shackles in which I was tying both of us, I got a fresh breathe and the other end was open again to get back in the business of finding another suitable end to tie the knot. In the end I got a new friend a more refreshing, understanding and caring. AAKHIR WOH BHI KABHI HAMARE THE. Anyway straight from the heart " base of any true relation in this whole wide world should be none other than love".
Is there anyone out there to read my heart?
"aaj fir dil hai kuch udaas udaas,
jaane kyun ek mayusi si chhayi hai,
aaj fir palkon pe pani hai,
bheer mein hoon fir kyun ye tanhai hai."
Will be right back with The Vir Sanghvi.

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Jiwateshwar Singh said...

It seems that here you not only pour out your heart but on the other end have also read my mind. But the fact that still eludes my understanding is what really happened. Was it that you were afraid of the commitment you had already put yourself into, or was it the shear burden of the relationship. If talking in terms of Love n Lust .... can it be that lust n love be two faces of a coin. For what i think that all relationships (mostly) start with either lust or love but not with both. The ones that last are the ones in which lust does not die or love does not end!

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