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Sunday, August 13, 2006

15 August "Every Indian Nascence"

After celebrating 15 of August for last 22 year's with nonchalance this year it seems to be different. The difference is made by none other than the sleeping giant of India, The Common Man. In an unprecedented way the whole country rose when injustice was done in the Jessica Lall murder case. People took to the streets and the whole effort bore fruit. This incident after a long time made me feel stronger and reinstated my beleif in the Power of Common Man. Now this kind of awareness is needed to take our country forward and in real terms to bring back the common Indian from the depth's of misery. Now similar kind of aggresion is solicited from the people of this great nation to stand up against the Big MNC's like cola companies who are selling poison under the garb of cold drink. It is one of the many problems which are staring at us. I would not like to go to those problems here. But a another cultural crisis is what I would like to bring the attention. We Indian's (especially Punjabi's) are proud of the heritage we have. But recently a global trend is setting in which Punjabi's (which are known worldwide for there hardwork, dedication and there fighting abilities) are constantly being getting known as Nachaar's (dancer's). Although celebration and dancing is the integral part of our life but this is not the thing for which we should be known. We are turning our face away from the hard work. So this is my request each and everyone concerned to help in trying to restore back the dignity to our community.

Rest apart this the time to celebrate the awakening of The Common Man. My heartfelt congratulations to all the Indian's on the day which should be known as "Great Indian Awankening". I may reside anywhere, but my soul will always be here.


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